Castle Darkfall

Castle Sengir
Illus. Pete Venters

Greetings. I am Nathan Darkfall, your host. Please, enter my castle. A world of darkness and mystery awaits you. You may also find humor, excitement, and adventures in a galaxy far, far away. All your base are belong to us. You have no chance to survive make your time.

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people have passed through the castle gates.

This page will be constantly under construction as I improve on it. So, please return often. Page last updated: 06/30/04

New stuff:
06/30/04 -
Looks like I haven't updated this site in four years. Well, actually, I've added a few things during the past few years, like the Anime cosplay stuff that I promised, but I never did add a link to them. I'll do that below. Although, I'm getting ready to take this site down since I don't go by Nathan Darkfall anymore. You're better off checking out my Live Journal at 12/19/00 - I'm getting terrible with this site. We're at the end of 2000 and I haven't updated since April. I discovered that my old Lycos guestbook doesn't work anymore. But that's okay because I just added the Geocities guestbook. Check out the rest of my site, then come back here and scroll down to the bottom of this page and sign it. I'm also planning to add an Anime Costume Playing page (aka Cosplay). Until I can get the page up, you can view the pics that I have online HERE.

Don't forget to sign my guestbook near the bottom of the page!

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