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Merry Meet and Brightest Blessings
We are the Enchanted Circle's Serpentine Survivors.
We all have a story to tell
To some it's more painful than others
But it brings all of us together

We are sisters and though we may not always agree
In times of need we are there for each other
We are here for each other, growing stronger, growing together
So whether it's good news or bad news, painful or joyful
We are SURVIVORS and we will get through it together!

Enchanted Circle's Serpentine Survivors is open to any member of
the Enchanted Circle. We are a Gem that is there to support each
of it's members. Should an Enchantress not feel comfortable sharing
something that she needs to get off her chest or discuss in a "group"
setting, we have a personal "confidant" that can be assigned to you.
Your "confidant" will keep your issues confidential and will give you
someone to talk to. It should be noted that we are not licensed therapists
but rather sisters in a growing community. It should also be noted that
should an Enchantress' issues put herself at risk or at risk of harming others
that confidence may be broken. This is not meant to scare anyone off
merely a disclaimer to protect the Enchantresses of this group.

Brightest Blessings, In Love & Light, Ana ~ Platinum Enchantress Serpentine Survivors

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Art provided by:
Jonathan Earl Bowser