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She sits quiet in a grassy meadow
She meditates to the sounds of Nature
Her eyes are shut, her senses open
Her heart beats a slow and steady rhythm
She becomes one with everything around her

He stands amid the forests trees
Watching her, admiring her from a distance
The Sun casts a loving glow through her hair
His heart skips a beat, he knows
She belongs to Nature

She senses his presence encompassing her
A soft breeze surrounds him through the stillness of the day
Shes calling him, calling him to her
He hesitates but a moment
He is drawn to her slowly; quietly he approaches

She feels him as he comes to stand behind her
She rises, a light radiating all around her
As she turns to face him
He draws in his breath her beauty astounds him
To him she is untouchable

She smiles a knowing smile
She reaches out and takes his hand
Suddenly he is awakened to all she feels
A rush of emotions pours through him
This is where he belongs

StacyAnn D. Lazowski, August 9, 2001

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