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Upon the rise of the Full Moon
A Witch in love asks for a boon
Samhain dawns so near
Candles burn upon a night so clear

Goblins and ghouls haunt the night
A love of past and present is to mark his plight
She knows she may be dooming her fate
But her heart can bear no more of this weight

Her love is true, her faith is strong
She hopes it will not be long
Will he be hers, or will he not
Or will their love be forgot

The change of seasons comes close
Will she have to part with he whom means the most
Her heart weighs heavy
Her tears continue to flow...weary

The Witching hour grows near
With bated breath she fears
A deep sigh, a faded heartbeat
Will her fate remain alive

StacyAnn D. Lazowski, October 24, 2004

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