such a small name for an amazing creature isn't it. This was made by my good friend Misty. She labored many an hour ^^ ..All I did was slap it onto a page.
Isn't he a beaut?
Name: Chraigo (shray-go)
ID: sw02m
personality: What to say about him..hmm
well he can be somewhat troublesome at times, but he manages to talk himself out. Often times he likes to stretch out his long wings and scoop up some poor creature for the fun of it. He's definetly got attitude but a real keeper too. Although he's wiser beyond himself I'll tell you that.
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Name: Nuvo
Gender: Stallion
Parents: Wild
Theme: Light
Element: Spring
Personality: He's really energetic, Often times you can see him running wild through a meadow or field. He's not very troublesome..unlike chraigo
made by: Misty