Welcome To My Home
Last updated 02/08/2000


By creating this site, I hope to enlighten all of you on what I believe to be true happiness is, and how important it is to have friends and family in your life.  Remember, it is not the quantity of friends or family you have that counts; it is the quality!

In "My Home" you will find
pictures of my family and friends, along with a few surprises along the way, and links to some of my favorite places on the internet and on AOL.  I have also created a page for single mothers, but all women are encouraged to check it out!!  I shouldn't have to tell you much about myself, as I feel the links I share with you will tell you more than I ever could.

You will also find a page dedicated to finding my Biological Father.  If any of you have ever tried to find a long-lost relative/friend, you know how mentally exhausting it can be.  I have been searching for my biological father for over 10 years, and still have no leads but I am NOT ready to give up just yet.  I am hoping that someone who sees my site, will know my father or someone who does know my father!

I also decided to create some holiday pages
: Thanksgivng , Christmas , a New Years Page (under construction), and I will soon be adding my Valentines Day Page.  I have decided to leave the Thankgsgivng Page on here simply for some of the recipes links.   These pages will be updated throughtout the months.  On these pages you will find many, many things concerning that particular holiday (including links to other places and a few tid bits of information about that holiday). So take a look and enjoy yourself.

I hope you enjoy yourself, and remember, I am not a PC whiz, I am doing the best I can with what little knowledge I have.

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