32, but she'll deny it
 "Get the hell away from my tent!"
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Tanya's Biography

Tanya lives in Fredericton and is a avid fan of cheesy television fare like "Survivor", "Roar", and all that Buffy vampire crap. She also likes the tunes, and imposes her taste on partygoers everywhere as everyone's favourite party DJ. Somewhere, right now, Tanya is getting jiggy with it. And when she heads to the 20/20 Club to get jiggy, people stare at her like she's a big ol' deli platter. That's right; she's so hot, she's the meat.

Although she was raised in Salisbury, she seems to be fairly content in Fredericton. A long and twisted path brought her to the city of Slow Men Working in Trees, starting with her foray into education when she attended Saint Thomas University, often in her white housecoat. Fiercely proud of the friends she made in her time there, she feels that April Sixth Day is not only a holiday, it's an adventure.

Tanya is the only chick who really digs football, or, as she knows it, foottyball. One day, her dream is to watch the Superbowl while bearing Brett Farve's children. She is Canada's sex kitten.

Tanya is currently single, and there's nothing wrong with that. Her birth date is Jan. 2, 1974. Remember; Nice and Easy. That's her style. Just stay away from her tent.

Tanya is most like the real Survivor Colleen, America's Sex Kitten.