My Bhabhi's Lessons.

Mine is a 100%, real life Experience and I'm happy to share it with all. My name is seelan , I'm 23 and I'm doing my Final year of Computer Engineering. I reside in Malaysia( Johor).I have a brother , who is an Electronics-Engineer in UK. The age difference between me and my brother is 7 years, since one of our brother died in an accident when I was very young. My brother was married to an Indian girl and they both live in UK at present. When this incident took place, I was 19 years old. My Babhi ( Brother's wife ) was around 23 years then. Her name is " Radhika " and she was a very nice girl. Since my brother arranged her VISA very early, she left for UK soon after her marriage, and I only had a very brief chance to chat with her during her stay in our home. She was very homely and She always spoke in a very low voice and I thought her to be very silent and innocent . After she left India , I use to admire her beauty in the photographs present in her marriage Album. During my shagging sessions, I use to fantasise many women but my Babhi appeared to be the "BEST". I demanded my parents to send me to UK during my Semester holidays as I was very eager to see the English Country and my brother's family. My brother sponsored the VISA and I had the chance to visit UK. This was the greatest turning-point in my life. By this time my Babhi had given birth to a little kid named "Vicky". And I was very eager to see them all. The flight to UK was a very long one almost 9-10 hours, but the British Airways was very luxurious and comfortable. I landed at the "Heathrow" airport and was received by my Babhi and Mr.Madhav, one of my brother's friend. I asked about the kid and brother and she told me that the kid is with the Baby-sitter and my brother could not get permission since his job is a very responsible one. Mr.Madhav drove the car and my Bhabi was sitting in the front seat and I was given the rear seat.My Bhabi was chatting so freely with Mr.Madhav and me ,and was making lot of witty comments about Malaysia. I was very much surprised and could not believe myself that she is the same , silent Bhabi, who I met in Malaysia. I noticed her change in the Dressing-habits, since she use to wear only sarees in Malaysia, and now she is in a T-Shirt and Jeans. We reached home. It was a place called "Colliers-wood", in London. I was very happy to see their home which I've only seen in Photographs. I found the kid sleeping and decided to have a bath and freshen myself. Bhabi prepared " Hot-Chocolate" for drinking ( which is my favourite ) and also some tinned-snacks. Since Mr.Madhav had already left , I asked Babhi about him and she told me that he is a very good friend of my brother and a well-wisher . I asked this because , I was jealous of him and thought that Bhabi may have a liking towards him. Then we discussed many things about our family and friends and I presented her the Best Collection of Sarees and Salwar kameezes and the exclusive Baby-Wears given by my Parents. I also gave her the Home ground Spices and Masalas prepared by our House-maid . My Babhi was extremely Happy and Thanked me very much for all those lovely things. I played with the kid and that day I slept very early as I was very tired of the journey and the time-lag between Malaysia and UK which is nearly 5.30 hours made me sleep earlier than the UK sleeping time. I slept thinking of my Bhabi's changes in her way of behaviour, attitudes, way of dressing , and the wonderful changes that had taken place in her body after her Pregnancy and Delivery. She has put some more weight and her lovely "BOOOOOOBS" have become more bulky and bulging out. I felt that No Bra on Earth can hold her Breasts together and keep them inside .Her Hip had become more bigger and her "Big Buttocks" were in the size of Two Massive Pumpkins kept together. Thinking all these wonderful stuffs, I slept. The next morning I was waken by my brother and I was glad to see him. We exchanged a little conversation and my brother left for work. The morning 6.00 AM in UK is around some 11.40 AM in Malaysia time and my watch was running in Malaysia time. During that morning as I was reading the Newspaper, the Baby-sitter came for her duty , But Bhabi asked her to take a leave that day and told her we are going out with the baby. Once the Baby-sitter left , my Bhabi gave me a sexy smile and told me to go and take bath as it is time for Breakfast. I took bath and Bhabi called me for Breakfast . As I was dressing up, she called me again and again, and then she came into my room and asked me why I'm having a Make-up for so long when nobody is at home, and teased me whether I'm dressing up to attract her or what ??.and saying this she again gave a "Mischievous smile" and I just blushed nervously. We had Sandwiches and Orange juice for Breakfast ( actually it is "Brunch" ). At this time Babhi brought the baby to the table and I gave the kid some Orange juice, Babhi told me that Orange juice is a very concentrated one and the baby could not digest it, and saying this she Opened the front Zip of her Nighty and took out her left " Breast " and started feeding the baby. I was almost about to faint and became so nervous that I could not swallow the Sandwiches. I bent my head down and tried not to see her. Then I left the table and went to my room and started reading the News-paper, But I could not read anything and the sight of her " Large Milky Boooooooobs " was the Only thought Constantly coming in my mind. Her Boobs were so "Bulky and Full of Milk " and she was not wearing a Bra inside her Nighty. These thoughts Aroused me very much and my "Dick" was in its full form , like a " Rock-Hard-Steel-Pillar " waiting for a " Juicy Cunt " to enter. After some 10-15 minutes later, my Bhabi came to my room and sat next to me and I noticed that the front Zip of her Nighty was Completely Unzipped and the loose material of the Nighty was very carelessly covering her breasts. She asked me Why I did not eat the full Sandwich and I told her that my stomach was upset and so I could not eat it. Hearing this she said that she has a very good medicine for that and saying this she got up from the bed and brought her "Big Booooobs" near my face and Exposed them completely to me, I still remember the smell of milk coming from her "Milky Booooooobs". The sight of those two "Big Mammaries", made me so horny and I began sucking her left one and fondle the other.Her "Nipples" were so "Big" and "Brown" in colour and I could not control myself any further and I started Chewing it like a piece of Chocolate. She held my hair and pressed my face more tightly towards the Boobs. I sucked and sucked ........... and Milk was coming out with great speed and I squeezed her Boob for more and more Milk. Babhi was moaning with pleasure and began calling me with some Bad-Names. I never minded her words and kept on doing my duty Perfectly. When the Left Breast became Empty I took the Right one and started sucking . WOW....... , This Breast is better than the other and it is "Full of Milk", since the kid did not drink from it. I started sucking , chewing , pressing, kneeding, and every possible thing that could be done with the Breasts. It tasted like some Heavenly food and this was the first time I am drinking "Breast-Milk" in my life from a woman other than my Mother .These thoughts made me Even More Horny. Bhabi was moaning and moaning and asked me not to stop my sucking and to suck More Harder and Harder . I did everything as she told me just like a slave. By this time , I could feel her hands playing with my "Dick" and mine was already like a "Hot-Rod-Of-Steel", my Bhabi shook it to and fro and made it even more harder. As it was my first Experience, I came very soon and poured my load of Cum on Bhabi's hands and the bed-covers. My Dick lost its stiffness and My Bhabi told me that it would be better if we "Undressed" each other . Undressing my Babhi and revealing her "Private Parts" was such a "Thrilling Experience" to me for the First time in my Life and soon we were in our Birth suits. Now , She took my erect Tool in her Mouth and started giving me my "First and Best" blowjob in my life , I realised that my "Penis" was Regaining its "Jumbo-Size" in my Bhabi's mouth after its First Cum . She sucked me so hard that I feared that Blood may be coming out from my Penis. Her lovely Lips were wrapped around my Penis very tightly . And , She stroked and Sucked and Sucked and I came for the Second time in her mouth after a long time, She was just like a "Whore" and I could not believe that "Radhika", my innocent Bhabi was doing all this. She then told me to do the same to her , I was so "Greatful" to her for giving me this "Chance of my Lifetime". I smelt the fine "Aroma" of her wet Pussy and was aroused again , I started eating her pussy as if its the Best Nectar on earth, and the smell of her "Pussy" made me "Horny like Hell" . She was moaning with pleasure and her sounds of moaning gave me a great "Kick" and I began licking her Clitoris ,and I licked every cell of her Clit and very soon I felt her Love-Juices coming down her already wet Cunt , I made my tongue more sharper and moved it Inside-Out and Inside-Out and continued it till my tongue felt like aching. She Came and Came in my mouth and I Drank and Drank all of it. She Finally asked me to Enter her as she could not wait any longer , and guided my "Eight-Inch-Steel-Rod" inside her "Wet-Pussy-Hole". I felt so great and I started my Pumping with slow thrusts and increased the speed gradually and she too was moving her Hip in the Correct direction Opposing my thrusts.She was shouting like Hell and I asked her to lower her moans or else somebody may come or the kid may wake up. She lowered her voice and began to bite her lips. I held each of her Boobs and increased my Piston speed. After a long time , suddenly she asked me to do it more and more faster as she was about to come. I did it with all my Power and she suddenly Held me very tightly and reached Orgasm , But I did not come, as I' ve already come Twice on the bed-covers and her mouth , it took a little longer than her. But then after some minutes I too came inside her and filled her Cunt with my Love-Juices and both our juices mingled together . I felt like flying in the Air and I were in some "Heaven" or in Some other Planet .We kissed each other Passionately and Embrased very tightly . Even in the UK climate, we both were sweating due to our body heat . I felt like sleeping and we both held each other and slept without taking out my Penis from her Cunt. We had a very sound sleep and When we got up, it was nearly 4'O Clock in UK time. We both felt very satisfying and tired at the same time. We both took bath together and We got into the Mood again and started to fuck in the shower itself. I still remember that day , it was May 6th, 1997, the day I lost my Virginity to my Babhi and I have even made a note of that day in my Diary. When we were talking in the Evening , We both discussed so many things very frankly and she asked me not to call her "Bhabi", but to call her by her name "Radhika". To my surprise she told me that she has Fucked many of my Brother's friends and my brother also knows that and my brother has also fucked many of his friend's wives during some parties and festival Get-togethers in UK and He does not care about it. She even told me that it is very Common in UK and she has got used to it. She also told me about her earlier Lesbian relations with her youngest Aunty who is staying in <malaysia>, BATU PAHAT, And suggested me that her Aunty can give me better company for me in India. She surprised me by telling me that she liked me very much even when she was staying in Malaysia home before leaving to UK, But the situation in our home was not Favourable for our sex and that is the reason why she did not move freely with me in malaysia.she also use to call me "Mr.Handsome" and not by my name, and also asked me to call her as "Radhika" and not to call her Babhi. During my entire stay in UK, she taught me every aspect of "Sex and Seduction" in detail and every day was a day of learning something New in Sex . And I found her to be an Expert in all types of sexual Topics .She trained me How to slow down my "Ejaculation Period" and told me that I have to withold my cum for very "Long" time since women reach Orgasm very Late. She taught me everything she knew and She was a very nice Friend , Philosopher and a Sexy Guide to me. I use to kiss her whenever I felt like kissing , and it is needless to say about our Fucking Sessions. We have fucked at almost all places in the house and even in the Shower, in the Garden , in the Kitchen , and all the rooms except the Prayer room ( Pooja room ). We have even Fucked during her "Menstrual Periods", using "Condoms" and she told me it is not Hygienic to lick her Vagina during Menstruation. She showed me tons of " Porn Magazines " and "Porn Movies " collected by my brother and " Sex Manuals " containing all the Possible Positions in fucking and Coitus. And we both tried the various positions which are Easy for both of us to fuck. During my entire stay there I would have Drunk "Gallons" of Milk from her "Boobs" and every time she fed the kid , she use to give me the other "Breast" for sucking .I was her Special son and She always use to appreciate me for my Performance in Love-making. She did not believe me when I said that she was the First Woman I fucked in my life. But I promised her that was true, because in Malaysia,i have few Girl-friends, But I did not have any Physical relations with them and my Babhi was the First one to Deflower my "Virgin Penis". She was very happy to hear that and asked me not to forget her throughout my life. When I was leaving back home, she presented me with a 18K gold. ring with both our Initials "AR" on it , and she also gave me her "IBM Laptop" which she told she was using very rarely .I felt like Crying and she too felt the same. After my return to Malaysia , A month later ,I contacted her Aunty who was in Batu pahat. She was also a nice and Broadminded lady around 38-40 years old who lives almost alone most of her time , since her husband is a Chief-Executive in a MNC in Batu pahat and he Hardly finds time to satisfy her. I use to visit Batu pahat once in a month and use to satisfy her till she attains Orgasm after Orgasm , till her Husband got a transfer to Kuala lumpur and she too went with him . She too liked me very much and we both had many Thrilling Experiences and I even visited Kuala lumpur in 1999. She use to E-mail me and we Exchange our New Experiences very frankly. Now it seems that she has found a New Bed-partner in Kuala lumpur. I am at present Residing in Johor,Kuala lumpur is also a familiar place to me . I know languages like Hindi, Tamil, English and Malay . I would like to satisfy other women also whatever their age may be and I can use my wider Knowledge on all aspect of Sex to satisfy any women to the content of her Heart in any Position . So any Female who live in any State of India or Any Part of Malaysia or Abroad can contact me with Confidence and Trust . They may be of any age , Chicks , Aunties , Unsatisfied Wives, Mummies , Widows , Divorcees , Broadminded Couples, Young Girls, and even Young-Grandmas or for that matter.