Hello and welcome to my little space on the vast and wide Internet world. This is my first attempt at a web page and as time goes by I am planning to do some more work on it, but for now this will serve as an introduction. I am called Lilli, and I am 5 ft 4 ins, 110 lbs, black hair , dark eyes and yes was born on December 25th. Yes I do demand two separate gifts, I refuse to be cheated out of my gifts...:-)

More About Me.

Lets see, I am a surgical nurse at one of the leading hospitals in Canada, situated in Montreal, I have been a nurse now for few years and I totally enjoy it. Its not the best paying job in the world, but it's a labor of love. I love traveling and meeting lots of new people. I love to talk, that's why my patients love me, because I make them feel quite at ease and comfortable. Should you one day end up in my Hospital, you will indeed count yourself fortunate to be my patient, you get my undivided attention. But God's willing you will never require them.

More Interest.

I am a movie buff, I love Horror movies, especially those by Stephen King, I like comedy movies, like Eddie Murphy in "Dr.DooLittle", "The Nutty Professor",Robin Williams in "Flubber", "Mrs.Doubtfire" and not to forget Jim Carey in "Mask" and "Pet Detective".

I love music, but not by artiste, If I hear a song and I love it that's all I need to know. Rap music and Heavy metal, really turn me off. Talk about turn offs, I do not like guys that smoke or Drink or abuse their bodies in any way. Turn on's, men who know that they are men, not those blow hearted guys,(Men that think that there are so higher than they really are.) not buffed but have a great physique, but most important a guy with a great personality and a sense of humor. If that's you, hey drop me a note at my email address. I also love Sports Baseball and Hockey to name but two of them, I also love Figure skating, watching it.

Hey I love Chocolate as well, just thought I would let you know...:-)) I also like long romantic walks, walking hand in hand with a guy that I admire, walking bare feet in the autumn leaves. I can also be reached on ICQ#128658520, for those of you with the old number please disregard it and use this new one.

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