Annual Meeting


Minutes of Meeting


August 26, 2001



The meeting was called to order by President Paul Hronjak at 1:00 PM.




There was a roll call and following clubs were in attendance and a quorum was declared:


Asheville TC Carolina Eagles Carolina Godiva Durham Striders

Junior Striders NC Roadrunners Southeastern US Masters Tri-City Blazers


Individual attendees at the meeting were as follows:


Erika Baxter Brian Beh Katherine Branch Pat Council

Dick Courtney Ken Cox Chris Crowder Frank Davis

Tom Deming Ben Dillon Missy Foy Bill Haskins

Marie Haskins Walter High Paul Hronjak Belinda Kearse

Don Lein AC Linnerud Ed Mc Ginnis Ron Miller

Parke Rublee Maureen Smith Mike Valle Neville Wood




It was moved by AC Linnerud and seconded by Don Lein that the Minutes of Meeting that had been mailed to all participants for last year's Annual Meeting be accepted as presented. The motion to accept the minutes was passed unanimously.




VP Walter High reported on accreditation and other activities at the National level.


Treasurer Ed Mc Ginnis presented a financial report which is attached to these minutes.




There were no reports for Men's and Women's T&F.


Masters Track & Field


Ken Cox reported that the SE US Masters meet was held in May and the meet was well attended.

Minutes of Annual Meeting

August 26, 2001

Page Two





Youth Chair Maureen Smith reported that the Regional Cross Country Meet was being held at Bond Park in Cary. The next Youth meeting will be held in February 2002 to establish a meet schedule for 2002.


Men's LDR


Cris Crowder reported that our Association had sent an athlete to the Men's AADP race in Parkersburg, WV and that The City Of Medicine race has been selected to be the Association 15 km Championship in 2002.


Women's LDR


Missy Foy reported that the Association had sent Allie Cassie to Parkersburg to participate in the AADP race.


Missy is establishing a data base of "elite" women runners in the state to participate in future AADP opportunities and that a number of women athletes are contacting Missy to obtain help in taking advantage of opportunities.


Masters LDR


No report.




The following are reports and comments made by the administrative committees:


Membership - new Chairman Katherine Branch reported that we currently have 1,213 members in NC and that she was putting in about 6.5 hours per week on membership activities. She also reported that we are currently submitting memberships on-line.


Sanctions - Ben Dillon reported that sanction activity remains about the same as last year and the two-check process is working well.


Officials - chair Ron Miller reported that there are currently 87 certified officials in NC, 40 of whom are new officials. Ron related the difficulty he was having establishing contact with the NCHSAA and Frank Davis volunteered to help get Ron in touch with Dick Knox to help expedite matters.


Minutes of Annual Meeting

August 26, 2001

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Records - Chair Neville Wood reported that it is a continuing problem to get races to submit results to the Records Center. Neville also has a web site which contains all current NC road racing records.


Nominations - Chair Don Lein reported that he is continuing the search for a Secretary and Women's T&F Chair.


No other committees offered reports.




Andy Briggs was elected to fill the Race Walk Chair vacated by Ole Holsti.


Paul Hronjak stated that Frank Davis had resigned as Secretary and that a replacement is being sought.




Hronjak reported that there are continuing requests for coaches clinics and that he would be asking George Williams and Al Buehler to help set some up for next year.


The search for a newsletter editor continues.


Hronjak reported that the ad hoc Coaches Compensation Committee has had a number of meetings and was making slow progress.




Maureen Smith made a motion that the reimbursement for the Junior Olympics Nationals be set at $6,000 if available. The motion was seconded by AC Linnerud and was voted unanimously in favor.


Convention Delegates


The following ten names were put forward to serve as convention delegates (in addition to the President who is an automatic delegate):


Don Lein (A)* Erika Baxter Richard Courtney

Maureen Smith (C, SC)* Frank Davis (C)* Katherine Branch (C)*

Chris Crowder (A)* Walter High Ed Mc Ginnis (C)*

Ron Miller AC Linnerud (Alternate)

* A = athlete, C = coach, SC = Sports Committee Chair who has put on a championship meet in

Minutes of Annual Meeting

August 26, 2001

Page Four






Meeting Schedule


The following dates were established for NC USA T&F meetings for the next twelve months:


November 11, 2001

February 24, 2002

May 19, 2002

August 25, 2002 - Annual Meeting (Alternate is August 18 depending on when National Workshop is).





Parke Rublee gave a presentation about wheelchair athletes and encouraged the membership to help in scheduling age-group exhibition competitions in conjunction with existing meets with special emphasis on obtaining access to high school meets.



The meeting was adjourned at 3:30 PM.


Respectfully submitted by Paul Hronjak 1