School and Athletics?

Is athletics more important than academics?

Years ago, families drove to the stadium to watch their high school star play football. Years ago sports, was not as important as academics is today. And, years ago, families helped their kids with homework.

In the last decade or so, less families work with their kids on homework. Athletics is more important than academics. And, kids play school sports with sub par grade point averages.

Picture the scene. Joey is a star running back. School board members are proud of him, and go to see him play regularly. Joey's parents know his grades are not that good, but they know that a state college will provide free tutors to Joey anytime he wants the service. Joey is enrolled in remedial classes - and is academically eligible.

Should we as a society condone Joey's lack of commitment to his studies? Or, should we tell him to hit the books more? Well, the past policies of local school district are giving way to state mandated minimum play standards. School board members can no longer legislate lower standards as long as the state is involved. Is is better or worse for kids? leave it alone. Or, make it even tougher to play.

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