Unions: Are They Helping?

Are They Improving the Local School?

Teachers salaries are rising. And, rightly so. Discipline is overrunning the classrooms. Respect is disappearing. Good manners on the endangered list. Test scores far too low. Guns in the schools. Murder. Sexually transmitted diseases running rampant. AIDS all too common. Don't believe this? Hmmm.

More and more educators are being mentally and physically abused. The ones that are voicing their opinions are seeing administrators visit their classrooms far too often, often drumming up fictitious examples of incompetence and ineptness.

Are teacher unions really helping? Are the local chapters helping more than their federal counterparts? Or, is their platform devoting far too less space to this epidemic? Are school better off than before? Or worse?

Should national unions help the locals with more muscle to resolve these problems?


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