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Alias/Alter ego:
Ana Ishikawa

First Appearance:
Razor Annual #1

The warrior Shi is one with her sword, and a formidable master of many forms of martial arts and Japanese strategies of war. Her combination of innumerable skills and impressive strengh is powerful and deadly.
Shi is wrapped in an extensive history almost as old as Japan. An outcast of long-lived sohei warriors-who are renagades themselves-this heroine fights for her honor, her life, and the lives of innocents.

What's Her Deal?
Shi's enemies abound, including the nefarious Arashi and the Nara Warriors, led by her sister Tomoe. She often scrawls the word "Shi"-the symbol for death-on the wall by her victims. Ana, who works as an art gallery curator, is actually a sensitive woman who harbors romantic feelings for NYPD detective Peter Denyse, and hates to see innocents die. Sadness for the families of her victims has recently pervaded her mind, and may become a fatal distraction. Wizard Press

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