Man Fears Time,
Time Fears The Pyramids

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The following pages contain evidence of Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life and UFO evidence that could not have been made up and cannot be covered up.

In Nefer's School of Learning we offer you an intro into what we refer to as Ra Math, which is a form of Sacred Geometry that has been rediscovered. Lessons on Ra Math are offered in this section.

In Nefer's Grand Hall Of Records you will find subject matter that we believe or know to be true, but can offer little or no tangible proof as to why we have these beliefs.
The information you will encounter as you read on is offered only for your consideration and evaluation.

We hope you will personally investigate these subjects.
After becoming acquainted with the records many have stated that they felt the written material actually refreshed their memories of things they already seemed to know, bringing forth knowledge they had somehow acquired but, they could not say where or when they obtained it.

The first subject to be presented will deal with how extraterrestrials traverse the vast distances that exist between the stars and galaxies. Information on what is known as the Frequency Barrier can also be found in this section.

In Nefer's Temple you will find an exclusive interpretation of the Seti Messages done by using the Ra system of Mathematics, rediscovered by Wesley Bateman after 25 years of research in the field of Sacred Geometry.

In Nefer's Valley you will see what really happened to the
Avenger airplanes known as Flight 19 which disappeared over theBermuda Triangle.

In Nefer's Oracle you will learn why UFOs are always seen after earthquakes take place on our planet.

In Nefer's City you will have a opportunity to see the rock carvings left behind by an ancient race of people that is right here in the United States. Trelba Sye was discovered in 1963 and is now being revealed for you to see.

"Let all that enter,
do so with an open
heart and mind"

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Rods Of Amon Ra Nefer's School of Ra Math
Here you will find the Ra Math Lessons
(1-4) with links for (5-9)

We recommend that you view these lessons
in successive order, so that their continuity
will assist you in gaining a better
understanding of the over all subject matter.
Any future lessons will be linked from the
lesson that precedes it.

Fine Structure Constant Lesson 9
Universal Life Field
Life Force
The Seti Messages Nefer's Temple

Flight19 Nefer's Valley

Secrets of The Flying Saucers Nefer's Oracle

Trelba Sye Nefer's City Of Ancient Echoes

Manipulated Light Nefer's Grand Hall of Records

Barrier Record
Favorite Links And Web Rings We Belong To Nefer's Oasis

Awards We Have Won Nefer's Treasures
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