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Updates: May 07

Welcome once again! Or, for those of you who have not been here before, welcome still! I hope you enjoy your stay...

Right now, I am working on my layout. So far, most of my pages do not have this feature! Don't worry tho, it's only a short-term problem until I get some more online time.

I also have an RPG instructional page. It will be under construction for quite some time (weeks, months probably). Currently, I am working on adoption websites and messageboard or Yahoo! Groups-style RPGs, and PBeMs.

Another project I've got going is my anime section, which was just sitting around from an old site then I never got around to putting online. If it hadn't been pre-coded, I probably wouldn't have started just yet. It still has some bugs in it, and some *major* updating to be done (content, pictures, etc.). So far the only section worth looking at is the the Mysterious Play/Fushigi Yûgi page, though my Demon City Shinjuku, Dragonball, and NightWalker pages are next on my list (tho not necessarily in that order).

Future projects include a tribute page to some of my favorite novelists. As this requires some major research, that section will probably not be updated very, once I finally get those written up. Also, under my anime section, I am considering hostessing some fanfics. If you are interested, let me know!

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