My IRC life. AKA the screwed up side.


Yes, I'm a hopeless addict of IRC, internet relay chat for those of you who don't know. The weird thing is; i hate chat rooms. With a passion. I can't stand them, there's too much going on and it just serves to confuz me. Yet, here I am, it's March and I started IRCing in December, way longer than i ever expected this to last. IRC, gots it's good points and it's bad. Example, any female WILL be harassed by someone from a middle eastern country. It's a given. Pakistan, Turkey, Egypt, if it's out there, they want us. Why? *shrugs* dunno. Men. *sighs* Anyhoo, the following is a lil thing about my life in IRC. My friends, my enemies, my joys, my sadness.


My IRC life.

The People I Care About

There's been lotsa people I've met along the way, many of which I really have grown to love. Among the most special to me are _tira_, CarrotGlace, PrincessGarnet, vamplover, Broad^sword, and [unsuburban]
_tira_ : One of my best buds outside of IRC, and one of the most well known dominatrixes in IRC. *cackles* One of a kind. She's the best!
CarrotGlace: One of the first people I met on IRC, has a horrible potty mouth and sometimes sounds like a valley girl but he's really smart and cute and a sweetie at heart.
PrincessGarnet: A real nice girl, the best friend type. She's really cool and I wish her lotsa luck with Mikey.
vamplover: Vampy, you're one of a kind! XD Can talk to her about anything, she's supercool!
Broad^sword: Stevie, love you. *beams* Mah boyfriend! WOO! Met him last January on IRC while he was randomly hitting on things in dresses. *cackle* From England with a supercute accent. ^^
[unsuburban]: My female counterpart, we have so much in common it's scary! First friend I ever had on IRC and my closest friend there to date. *huggles*

The Rooms I Visit

There's lots of supercool rooms on IRC, heck, there has to be with so many rooms available.^^ There's 2 main rooms I frequent, in my opinion, the best rooms on DalNet. #Tira: A room run by my friend _tira_, gots all the coolest peoples on DalNet.
#TwilightTavern: A very cool place to hang out, fun people, where I met Stevie and Vampy.

My Enemies

I don't have many enemies on IRC, but with such a vast amount of people chatting all the time there, one can't help but have a few...

My enemies are namely two who are one. Android, aka Angry_Dragon, and Armagon. Andy was the person who helped my friend Tira make her room, he was so nice at first, knew lots about IRC and what to do, taught us a lot. Then we found out he'd been lying to us about a lot of stuff, like his picture for example. Someone we knew had cammed with him and knew what he looked like. Andy's a liar and a fake so he was banned. I never will trust him again.

Then, there's Armagon. Someone I trusted, someone I cared about, someone who turned out to be Andy in disguise. I feel so dirty.

Andy brought his friend Mel into the room and into the picture. She's always been mean, accusing people of outrageous things, being an overall evil person, and not in a good way. So we banned her. Not really an enemy as someone I don't care to talk to ever again. *makes a face*

You done here? Got an opinion or something, email me. If not, you can head on home and see what else you'd like to do. See ya on IRC. *wavies* ^_______^