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6.04.00 - 6 New Movies! - Fwiffo

I Uploaded some movies to our archive site, there are now 6 high-quality movies in the movie section and they all have nice previews, I did this without the help of mr. Fwiffo is lazy. So next time you see him, tell him to go to hell. Also, I have added a Chat Room, Message board and a poll today, the poll makes the menu wider, if this is a problem with anyone using the 600x480 screen size, you may want to change it to 800x600 or yell at me until I get sick of it and fix it.

6.04.00 - 3D Renderings have returned! - Fwiffo

I found a really neat script on the net somewhere to make double image flips, (a very cool effect) and decided to use it to make the new Renderings page, for you lesser mortals without Road Runner (such as Angry Orz, heh heh heh...) it may take a little while to load, but the effect and the nice way it looks should boggle your minds. If you encounter any stupid Javascript errors, you can always ask me and I'll hopefully be able to tell you what is needed for the Renderings page to work. There are only 4 renderings at the moment, but it's 2:07 AM and I'm bored, so maybe I'll add some more when I'm done posting this message.

6.03.00 - Where's the Fred? - Angry Orz

I honestly don't know why or how it the Fred section got removed, but as soon as I noticed it was gone, I restored the link.  I got back From Kelley's island, Lake Eerie, yesterday at 4:00, so I didn't get a chance to fix it until now.  This is my last trip in a while so hopefully I won't have to write anymore of these excuses!

6.01.00 - We're part of the Webring! - Fwiffo

We have joined the Star Control Webring! Now we are sure to see some new people coming to the Nemesis Bridge! Maybe we'll have a *party* and make some new friends.  I'm not sure what Angry Orz did to the Fred section, but I'll find him and beat him until he tells me why it's off the menu. Enjoy the sauce!

5.30.00 - The "Fred" section! - Fwiffo

I'm going to ignore Angry Orz's comment. I finished sorting through a couple of old Emails from Fred, I have posted them in the new "Fred" Section which is dedicated to telling the world about the history of Star Control's creation and it's creators!

5.30.00 - Hit Counter up to 1000! - Angry Orz

Our hit counter has gone up to over 1000 hits.  Considering this place has only been up for 2 days, that's pretty good!  I don't see much new, at The Pages of Now and Forever, you can check out a SC version of the classic board game, Risk.  I extended the number of digits on the this rate, we're gonna need it!

5.29.00 - Gone again - Angry Orz

As soon as I got back from D.C, my parents dragged me off on another trip.  I hardly finished updating when we packed up our stuff and took off.  I'm sorry again about no update, and Fwiffo is too lazy to do any work.

5.29.00 - "And they're off!" - Angry Orz

Yesterday, Chad from The Pages of Now and Forever announced the opening of our site.  Timing could have been better, but it got us over 600 hits in one day, so I won't complain.

5.27.00 - Updates - Angry Orz

Hello everyone!  Last night Fwiffo and I just got back from Washington D.C.,  so that is why we haven't updated in a while.

5.22.00 - Guest Book up! - Angry Orz

Fwiffo found us a good guest book.  The message board and the chat room still aren't ready to go, but you can be sure it won't take us long.  Be sure to register in the guest book.

5.20.00 - The Nemesis Bridge  - Angry Orz

Finally you can satisfy those cravings for the perfect Star Control site!  Here you can find the best customs, Downloads, links and more!  Although the site is online, we are by no means finished! We have only established the skeleton for this site and it will grow and prosper with time.  Right now, we lack informative information about the game.  This will change quickly.  Check back as often as possible to check for updates. 

5.18.00 - The Next Starcon? - Angry Orz

Recently, Fwiffo was talking to Fred Ford about possibly making another Star Control!  And no, I'm not talking about the failed Play Station game "StarCon".  Fred says that making a real-time strategy game like Warcraft and Starcraft, would be a cool idea.  Players would be able to choose between the Alliance or Hierarchy, and use the ships from each race.  NOTE:  This is not by any means any guarantee that there is going to be another Starcon.  Please DO NOT bombard us with e-mails about this.  Fred is not sure if / when he will start another Starcon, but you can sign a petition  to show your interest!

5.13.00 - Hit Counter reset to "0" hits - Angry Orz

As of March 1st, 2000, our hit counter is at 0 hits.  It will take our hit counter a while to get anywhere because I haven't advertised this site anywhere yet.

5.01.00 - e-mail Fred Ford! - Angry Orz

That's right, THE Fred Ford, author of Star Control I and II along with Paul Reiche.  Fred does not work for Accolade anymore because  Accolade refused them pay for the last six months of their project since they took too long to finish it.  After they finished, Accolade asked them to write another Star Control game.  Afraid of having their pay cut again, they refused, and sold the rights to the name "Star Control" to Accolade for about $50.  Accolade than sold the rights to Legends for a much larger amount.  Legends produced what we now know as Star Control 3.  Fred now works at Crystal dynamics, and can be e-mailed at the following hyperlink...

e-mail Fred Ford

5.01.00 - Starcon 2, back online! - Angry Orz

Thanks to my dad, I can play Starcon2 again.  For almost a year, the game wouldn't run (the horror!) because somehow critical DOS files were erased.  My dad and I thought maybe we could find them on our other computer, but learned that the files were only in the 5.0 version of DOS.  Finally we managed to extract them from a pin-ball game and get part of DOS working again by "booting clean" with a boot disk.  after editing the system files, we managed to get the game up and running. "*Happy day!*".  The sound quality is horrible and I am currently using the internal speaker to play the game.  We're still trying to get our 36 bit sound-card to work on our cheap version of 16 bit DOS.  Even so, the game works, which should lead improvement in all sections.  Thanks dad!


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