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Hello! I am Rita Cotten!!!!!

Welcome to my cyber page
I hope you will enjoy your visit. The reason I am called
nenebobb is because of my dad. My middle name is Janene
and his name is Bobby so i guess he combined the two and has called me nenebobb
since I can remember. As you can tell I
am fascinated with outer space. I love all kinds of aliens.
I would love to know what is really out there! Wouldn't you?

Here is a little more about myself. I am 36 years old. I have been married to Robbie for 15 years.
Robert is 13 and Samone is 8 years old. They are our pride and joy! We live in Alabama. I work as a Letter Carrier for the Post Office.
Robbie owns his own business. He is a ATV mechanic. He also works a full time job.
I love of course....Aliens and space stuff! (Have been since I was little) Oh and if you haven't Ebayed, you don't know what your missing!! Go visit Ebay and if you are looking for something, it's there!!
I also enjoy computers too. I do thank you for stopping in and visiting. Feel free to sign and read my guest book. ;)

I am officially announcing I am getting old. I just realized i have been subscribed to the enternet since late 1997! OMG!!!



4 wheeling pictures YEEEHAAA!!


Dad & Mom


Kids and Friends

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Here is my very first and only award. I am so proud of it!!

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