Dark Detective

That's me; What you see is what you get. I was born many many years ago in a far off land to poor parents. We started out in South Jersey, and have been movin around ever since. I've been back and forth between South Jersey and Guantanamo Bay Cuba for the past fourteen years. I can never seem to stay in the same school for too long either. I went to four different high schools, and I've been to the University of Central Florida and Drexel University. I just started my second year at Kean University in fall of 2001. What else can I say about me? Hmmm, well, I enjoy talking to people and doing Cosmic Bowling with people I know. I've studied the guitar, computers, martial arts, and swordsmanship. I like to play softball, I played on the Public Works team for NAVSTA Cuba in summer of 2001. To find out what's on my mind, check out my daily thoughts or my Live Journal, which I started in February of 2002. My love life is most complex, very confusing to say the least. Women have a way of surprising me, and it blows my mind the way things work out sometimes. I never know what to expect out of the relationships I'm in, and I constantly ask others for advice cause I never have any idea what the hell I am doing. But I manage to get by on life with what I've had, which is not much, but I'm surviving. I'm basically a quiet loner. The one relationship I was in left me pretty bitter and filled with evil, but that's life. I'm currently writing two screenplays which I hope to get filmed within the next six years. It seems like I will be getting involved with Naval Investigative Service when I get done with my Master's Degree. The best time I had in my life was at Woodstock 99. Most people say I'm a nice guy and fun to have around, but I know they're lying. Wanna know how I know everything? I'm psychic. No lie. Well, not totally psychic, but enough for me to read people's emotions, get their vibe, and sometimes get certain information. It's weird. I guess I have basic issues with life, but who doesn't?

1998 Neobartleby@yahoo.com

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