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Welcome to my Neopets site
Created by newagezombie

This is the place to find good hints and tips on how to play Neopets to the fullest. After one month with my account, I have accumulated over 250 000 neopoints, which are like Neopian currency. I promise that with my hints, and your dedication, you can do just as well. I will be spotlighting my own pet, Desiderarla the Lupe, but I would also like to show off your pets. So if you haven't already got an account, go get one now! The banner at the top of the page will take you to the right spot. For those of you who already have accounts, I will be setting up an email address where you can send your pet's profile, so that I can show the world your pride and joy!

By the way, I will not be giving out any neopoints or free items. I don't appreciate beggars! Have you ever heard of the expression: "Give a man a fish, and feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish, and feed him for life"? Well the moral of the story is that learning how to do something is worth more than asking for handouts. Hopefully this site will teach you how to make millions of neopoints!

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Desiderarla the Lupe

Level: 14
Max HP: 14 HP
Strength: 20 Hurculean
Defence: 19 Godly
Agility: 16 Lightning
Intelligence: 75 Master Genius

Tips and Hints

The time in Neopia, called Neopian Standard Time (nst), is actually Pacific Time. The Neopian currency is called Neopoints (np).

Free Stuff

Within Neopets there are a few places where you have the chance to acquire free items. One such place is the 'Snowager' located in the 'Ice Caves' of 'Terror Mountain'. Between 2-3nst, 7-8nst, and 10-11nst the Snowager is sleeping. This is your opportunity to sneak in a take something. Sometimes he'll wake up, but most of the time you'll grab something, like a negg! Unfortunately, the times at which the snowager sleeps seem to be changing. I'll try my best to update you.

You can also go to 'Coltzan's Shrine' in the 'Lost Desert'. He will increase your pets abilities, give you food, heal your pets, or simply do nothing. I think it runs on a schedule, but I haven't yet figured it out. Only go to the Shrine once per day, otherwise you will get nothing twice in a row. You can also go to the 'Fruit Machine' once per day.

If you go to 'Faerieland', you'll find the 'Healing Springs'. Here, the faerie will either heal one or all of your pets, or give you a healing potion or elixir. Finally, you can play 'Tombola' on 'Mystery Island' once per day. This is where you can win faeries and codestones, (very valuable items).

Making Money

No matter how hard you look, you won't find a secret to making millions upon millions of neopoints. The only true way to achieve this is with a little work and dedication. There are a few ways of making money, such as scratchcards and shops, but the most popular ways are playing games and doing jobs from the employment agency. I suggest only doing games when you first start playing Neopets because jobs are often higher paying. The best games include:
1 - Meerca Chase: A quick way of making neopoints
2 - Volcano Run: Another quick way of earning neopoints
3 - Pyramids: You can earn up to 5000 neopoints per day
4 - The Wheel of Excitement: You can win prizes and many neopoints
5 - Poogle Solitaire: It's quick money and it increases your pet's intelligence
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* These are the games that I play most often, but there are many other good games *

You can also do jobs for the 'Faerieland Employment Agency'. You can reach this by entering the City. Make sure you look through the basic jobs, because the super jobs require job coupons that are extremely rare. The page posts new jobs every 10 minutes on the 1 minute mark. Previously, the jobs would reload for about 4 minutes, but that has now changed. The jobs are posted once, and are now up for about 1-2 minutes. Be quick when picking the job you want. Make sure it pays well; I recommend picking a job that pays over 1500 neopoints. If you don't get the job, click basic jobs and start searching again. If you do get the job, you have to check how much time you have to complete the job, and how many items you need to buy. Then you can go to the 'Shop Wizard', (the starry wizard's hat icon on the header for Neopia Central). Type in exactly what you're looking for and it will find all the shops that have the item, in order of cheapest prices to most expensive. When you're done collecting the items, return to the Employment Agency and go to the Status page. Click on the job name and you will have completed the job. If you do the job in under 2 minutes you might be paid more money then posted.

Training Your Neopets

An interesting feature about Neopets is the 'Battledome'. This is where you can fight other neopets in friendly matches. You can also fight special challengers. Before you try this, you want to make your neopet strong. To do this, you need to take your neopet to either the 'Cap'n Threelegs' Swashbuckling Academy' on 'Krawk Island', or to the 'Training School' on 'Mystery Island'. At the Academy, you pay for your training in dubloons. One dubloon costs approximately 3000np on the Shop Wizard. You pay in codestones at the Training School. A codestone also costs approximately 3000np. As you can see, you might want to have a substantial amount of neopoints before you begin training your neopets.

You can also feed your neopet special neggs to increase their statistics. To find out which neggs benefit your neopet the most, visit the 'Neggery' in the 'Ice Caves' on 'Terror Mountain'.

Guilds, Chats, and Neofriends

So just when you think you would have to play Neopets all alone, you find out that there are indeed ways of contacting other members. Many members have created their own or joined a 'Guild'. This is just like a club where people can swap pictures, chat and sometimes enter contests. I am a member of the guild Point Zero.

Whenever you go into a member's profile, there's a link at the bottom where you can request to become that member's neofriend. They can accept or refuse the request, just as you can accept or refuse somebody's requests to become your neofriend.

Finally, there is a wide array of different themed chats to participate in. Here you can swap ideas, give tips, get quest help, and many other things.