My cousin Herschel called me last week from Jericho, he asked me : "Jerry>? is the peace process working here in Israel.? I said Herschel, I AM still alive am I not?." Working hard by the banks of the Dead Sea, I own the ONLY Yiddish tourist shop where you can buy 3
Former One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson Now sells Real Estate: See Paulines new job
What a Schmutter!!!!
Paulines New
Perils in Real Estate
pic by Glenn Barnes
Bush Gets Bowled...
George Bushs' recent Visit to Pakistan has given him the "HOWZZATT!"  at the US EMBASSY cricket match
WEB Zine
2006. No
/ and or liability
or implide
postcards for a shekel. We have not a rock-throwing incident for over a year, so generally things are better.  But of course things are not looking good lately in the bigger picture. Especially in the West Bank and Gaza.  I mean how is it possible that a religiously controlled government full of fanatical racists can gain power democratically? I thought only our LIKUD were allowed to do that.
Its absolutely shocking that a fanatic can denegrate and upset a religion with heretical statements...  When something outrages the Jewish faith like David Irving saying 17 years ago the holocaust never happened , we throw his gentile ass in the slammer for 3 years no questions asked... But if we can pay a cartoonist to upset the entire islamic faith and get the worlds muslims outraged enough, it works to our favor.I mean these recent
2004 Republican Convention Christian guide to Jew York City
Click above for larger brochure
pic:David Irving jailed for 3 years
Mohammed cartoons were outrageous to the Islamic faith, probably worse than holocaust comments, but do you see anyone from a Dutch newspaper heading for jail? I see a whole bunch of protestors burning effigys. And people being shot in protests. PR coup #1.
More proof that we the Talmadic Police own your courts, your news-papers, your TV channels and and of course your worthless white schmutter sorry asses.
My uncle Benyahmin says it wont be long and we'll all be under one type of religious rule.  One type or another....
Aussie Jews have had a win recently forcing Vegemite maker and BUSH party donor: KRAFT to change their recipe to a more Jewish "kosher" flavour. Kosher 175 gm jars have a K before best before date.
We used our own children to protest Vegemite on Sunrise TV
The "REAL" Saddam sighted!..
It has been the worlds best kept secret. Yosef Ali Mahmoud: Saddams' 12th double is currently facing trial in Baghdad. While Saddam Wilhelm Hussein was recently identified as a DJ at a  House party in Croydon UK !
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Gitmo Names released
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Howard Meets Saddam
Another Wheat scandal

Jerry Goldstein waltzes
9-11 Debunked
Vic Ferrari in trouble
Paulines New Job
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Pope Attacked by Dove
Saddam Spotted

Danger Men thinking
Christocracy may be right...
by Jerry Judeocracy
A Nation ruled by one deity: Yahweh. Whose congress is governed by Almighty God and whose direction and course is set by divine inspiration alone. Yeah sure. Sounds like a Sound basis for a form of government ...? Doesn't it>?
I mean Christo might be right. A Police Force whose values are shaped from Old Testament passages and an electorate waiting for plagues and locusts. Its what End Times are all about baby. And Im on the Ca$hing in train... ..... For more info.. Check paypal Donations accepted
BUSHs' New plan on2006
Vic_Ferrari  upsets rooms....
Vic Ferrari recently
upset a few unhappy campers From the more "excitable" rooms... As a result, Now VIC shits Duracell batteries as a Jihad is called on him
Reverend Kenneth
George Bush plans to send in his mate FRANK DREBIN to catch his old mate: Osama bin Laden
Rejoice with the Lord
And Kiss the Sk
...The Reverend Speaks Soon.......