a new wave of nerdism
issue #4
August/September 2002

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issue 1: March 2002
issue 2: April/May 2002
issue 3: June/July 2002
the home world

good stuff

· literature like you ain't never seen it before
· go on, take the nerd test
· the cosmic finger of friendship
· the lecture notes of despair
· otherworldy messages from the ghost of plato

be one with nerdling

· get nerdling in hardcopy
· propaganda
· merchandise
· forum
· so who is the übernerdling anyway?


· memepool
· POV-ray
· the hubble telescope
· dangerous laboratories
· george hart polyhedra
· how to repair a PC
· the quantum mechanics of laundry
· and the finnish bear who gives a whole new meaning to passing maths

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