What is a Budgierigar ?
Common Name: Budgie, Budgerigar, parakeet

Scientific Name: Melopsittacus undulatus

Types: Wild Budgie, Pet Shop Budgie and the Show Budgerigar

Wild Budgies:

Distribution: The budgie can be seen through out all wild parts of Australia, especially inland Australia and near watering wholes at dawn and dusk. From the Northern Territory to Outback of QLD, N.S.W, S.A, W.A, Vic to the costal regions of the above states of Australia.

Colour: Green

Life span: Approx: 3-5 years (depending on food availability).

Body Weights:
Male: 40g approx                      female: 40g approx
Life span: Approx: 7-11 years (diet can be a factor of this larger longevity).

Body Size:
Male: 18 to cm approx             female: 18 cm approx

Pet Shop type:

Distribution: These budgies can be found almost any were. The common pet budgie.

Colour: Almost any colour seen in budgies

Life span: Approx: 7-9 years (diet can be a factor of this larger longevity).

Body Size:
Male: 18 - 20cm                         female: 18 - 20cm

Body Weights:
Male: 35 - 50g                          female: 35 - 50g                                       Depending on cross breeding.

Show Budgerigar:

The English show budgie". The Australian show budgie".

Life span: Approx: 7-9 years (diet can be a factor of this larger longevity). The Guinness Book of Records says that the oldest budgie ever was called Charlie, and he lived to 29 years and 2 months.

Body Size: 
Male: 24 cm approx              female: 24 cm approx

Body Weights:
Male: 60g approx                     female: 60g approx

Sexing Budgies:
Budgies are one of the easiest birds to sex. At a mature age they are sexually dimorphic, meaning one can determine the difference by a visual glance.                     

Male:  The male has a blue cere (Nostril area) except with Albinos and Lutinos, they have a pinky colour to the cere. The beak change from blackish when barheads (young budgies), to a yellow ivory colour. The feet colours change depending of the feather colour, there are two colours of feet, a bluish gray or a pinkish skin tan colour. The eyes in most varieties has a full black colour when immature and once older they develop a yellow ring around there pupil, except you Albino's Lutinos, Cinnamons And lacewings which are red in colour. There is no specific body colour for the budgie because they can come in so many different colour variations.

Female: The hen has a brown cere  (Nostril area) except with Albinos and Lutinos, they have a White colour to the cere. The rest is the same as the cock (male)
Barred Heads (Young birds): This is a budgie under 3 month of age. Barring appears in the frontal zone above the cere. At the first major moult, these barred feathers are replaced with clear ones. Thus giving you the name Barred Heads. Some breeders tell by looking at the eyes and cere, as discussed in sexing to de determine age.

Colours & Varieties:
There are promentialy more than 20 million colour comdinations which divide into two main Colours, Blue Series And Green Series. Under each series one gets a great number of colours and varieties. Birds are ether Sex Linked or Normals, Recessive and Dominant. Under each series you'll find your Normals, Opaline, Cinnamon, Spangles, Clearwings, Greywings, Yellowface, Goldenface, Double Factors and Clear bodies. Thus giving you a very wide slection of colours. We in South Africa dived our birds into 26 Class for Show.