Women are not the only gender that may be enslaved on Gor. Men also may face that fate, though in far fewer numbers.The number of male slaves on Gor is very low, especially in the cities. Only about 10% of all the slaves on Gor are males. Men captured during wars or raids are usually slain instead of being taken captive and enslaved. Most male slaves are either debtors or criminals though a small number are captives.

Male slaves are mainly enslaved for economic reasons, as cheap labor. The Gorean philosophy of "natural order" supports female slavery but it does not support male slavery. Gorean society though recognizes the validity, legality and economic necessity of male slavery. It is a more practical decision and not one based on a deeper philosophy. Under these justifications, anyone can be enslaved. Not all societal institutions need be based on an underlying philosophical foundation. Some are simply practical concepts.

Few male slaves are considered valuable and they generally do not garner high prices, even at auction. The primary exceptions are male silk slaves and exotics. The normal high price for a male slave, not a silk slave or exotic, is a silver tarsk. Many female slaves would sell for more than that amount. There are also very few male slaves with long pedigrees. There are few reasons to breed male slaves except as exotics. Nearly any Gorean man can serve as a typical work slave.

The most common types of male slaves are the work slaves. They are usually used on cargo galleys, mines, great farms or as porters on wharves. Many cities use male slaves for some of the more unpleasant labor in the cities, such as in the refuse pits or cleaning the public baths.Most men work on chains with other slaves. In some cities like Ar, an unchained male slave is rarely ever seen.

The most valuable male slave though is usually the silk slave, a certified woman's slave, akin to a Pleasure Slave. They are handsome men who have been specially trained to tend to a woman's needs. They are sold in special women's auctions that are closed to free men. Silk slaves generally sell for higher prices than many female slaves. Most silk slaves will sell for four to six silver tarsks. This is basically a matter of supply and demand, as there are very few such silk slaves on Gor. Most Gorean men make poor silk slaves. There are masculine and feminine male silk slaves. Some women fear the more masculine ones, worrying that such men will turn on them one day, enslaving them. Others secretly delight in that possibility. The feminine ones are rarely used for breeding. Free women think little of hiding their naked bodies from their silk slaves. Many free women though will not kiss their silk slaves as they do not wish to put their lips on a slave. A silk slave grows to know his Mistress quite well and is able recognize her body even when she is robed and veiled. Gorean men generally despise silk slaves and do not treat them well. When a city is captured, the victors often kill the silk slaves out of disgust.

Male slaves rarely have locked collars. Normally their collar is a band of iron hammered about their neck. There is also no distinctive garb for male slaves as Goreans do not want them to discover how numerous they are, especially in the cities. The wool of the hurt is often used for male slave garments as it absorbs perspiration well. In many cities, female slaves must always openly wear a symbol of their bondage such as a collar. Male slaves are exempt from this law for the same reason why they do not wear distinctive garb. Goreans worry about a revolt by male slaves.

Female slaves normally despise male slaves. They consider themselves the rightful property of only free persons. It is considered a great shame for a female slave to have to touch a male slave. Male slaves though are often permitted to have a female slave for their pleasure, especially as a reward. But, a male slave might be killed for touching a female slave without permission. Female slaves show contempt toward male slaves because they do not see them as real men, because they have been made slave.

Male slaves commonly kneel, like women do. They do not sit cross-legged like Free Men. Depending on the preference of their master, their knees may be spread or not. It is more expensive to feed male slaves than females slaves. In many other ways, male slaves are treated like female slaves. They are still considered only property. They must show respect to all free persons and are subject to discipline by any free person.

Male slaves though receive more opportunities to win their freedom though usually only in very dangerous situations. Male slaves might be freed and armed if their city is being attacked and additional men are needed. Few Earth men are brought to Gor to be slaves.

Lads chores

The following is a short list of suggested chores for lads; there is a lot more to do in camp, and this can be a good starting point.

  • Fence and gate repair
  • Cleaning out and securing the kennels
  • Mucking out the animal pens
  • Exercising the kaiila.
  • Putting out the sleens at night and getting them back in the pens in the mornings
  • Chopping wood
  • Greasing the wagon wheels
  • Making wagon wheels
  • Repairing the wagons
  • Making barrels
  • Bringing water into camp
  • Making binding fiber
  • Cutting and laying out leather
  • Tanning leather
  • Gutting, skinning, preparing bosk for all uses

male slave The male slave is a new slave to Gor. Duties include studying and observing. This slave speaks only when spoken to after greeting all Free Members in proper order. But when spoken to or greeted, this slave may respond. He is to focus on learning the duties of a slave, the positions and how to serve food and drink. In the absence of more experienced slaves, they may serve to practice, but, in the case of serving Visitors, it should be made clear it is for practice.
work slave A work slave has experience in Gor but new to Kataii or raised from male status. He is to study, train, greet, do chores and serve food and drink in tower, meaning no showing of heat. he may enjoy some affection as in being hugged and held in a Free's lap and may be reserved for purchase when he reaches kajirus status and then allowed to fur. The work slave is to familiarize himself with those chores most appropriate for a strong lad.
kajirus The kajirus is to study and train under the guidance of those more knowledgeable, greet, do chores serve food, drink. he is also free to be used sexually. At this level too, a male slave may begin to learn fighting skills. Fighting slaves are used in exhibitions of sparring and are sometimes freed for their fighting skills.
silk slave The silk serves Frees fully, offers food, drink and is free for sexual use. This slave does chores and helps newer lads to learn. He is to impress with his desire to please. He is to continue to learn as well. These kolars can be stripped at any time.

kajirus Quotes

Here are the quotes about male slaves from the canon.

“For a male slave, or Kajirus, of the Wagon Peoples, and there are few, save for the work chains, to be clad Kajir means to wear the Kes, a short, sleeveless work tunic of black leather.”
Nomads of Gor, 30

"The Wintering was not unpleasant, although, even so far north, the days and nights were often quite chilly; the Wagon Peoples and their slaves as well, wore boskhide and furs during this time; both male and female, slave or free, wore furred boots and trousers, coats and the flopping, ear-flapped caps that tied under the chin; in this time there was often no way to mark the distinction between the free woman and the slave girl, save that the hair of the latter must needs be unbound; in some cases, of course, the Turian collar was visible, if worn on the outside of the coat, usually under the furred collar; the men, too, free and slave, were dressed similarly, save that the Kajiri, or he-slaves, wore shackles, usually with a run of about a foot of chain."
Nomads of Gor,

“The small, heavy lock on a girl's slave collar, incidentally, may be of several varieties, but almost all are cylinder locks, either of the pin or disk variety. In a girl's collar lock there would be either six pins or six disks, one each, it is said, for each letter in the Gorean word for female slave, Kajira; the male slave, or Kajirus, seldom has a locked collar; normally a band of iron is simply hammered about his neck; often he works in chains, usually with other male slaves; in some cities, including Ar, an unchained male slave is almost never seen; there are, incidentally, far fewer male slaves than female slaves; a captured female is almost invariably collared; a captured male is almost invariably put to the sword; further, the object of slave raids, carefully scouted, organized and conducted expeditions, is almost always the acquisition of females; commonly one cylinder is struck, its bridges sealed off, its compartments broken into and ransacked for gold and beauty; the men of the compartment are slain and the women stripped; those women who do not please the slavers are slain; those that do have the goods of the compartment tied about their necks and are herded to the roof, with whip and slave goad, either to be bound across tarn saddles or thrust bound into wicker slave baskets, covered and tied shut, carried beneath the great birds in flight; sometimes, after only a quarter of an Ahn, before adequate reinforcements can be summoned, the slavers depart with their booty, leaving behind a flaming cylinder; slavers can strike any city but they are particularly a scourge to those cities which have not trained the tarn, but depend on the ponderous tharlarion.”
Assassins of Gor, 50.

“I was barefooted; my only garment was a short woolen, sleeveless tunic; on both the back and the front of this tunic was sewn a large block letter, the initial letter of the Gorean expression ‘Kajirus,’ which means a male slave.”
Assassins of Gor, 282.

“I knelt head down, before the square iron box, the exterior of which was enameled white, one side of which, its door, on hinges, lay opened on the tiles. I tensed. On two sides of the box, in red paint, was a Kef, in block printing. Kef, of course, is the initial letter not only of the Gorean expression ‘Kajira,’ the most common Gorean expression for a female slave, but also ‘Kajirus,’ the most common Gorean expression for a male slave. The block printing indicated that the box was suitable for a male slave. This could also, of course, have been determined from its size which, though small, was larger than would have been that in which women would be placed. Such boxes, for women, wore marked also with red on white, but the letter, of course, would be the cursive Kef, which is also used as a common slave brand for imbonded females.”
Fighting Slave of Gor, 118.

“Curiosity is not becoming in a kajirus.”
Magicians of Gor, 436.

“The plural for slaves considered together, both male and female, or for more than one male slave is ‘kajiri’.” Magicians of Gor, 437.

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