Lord, Hear My Cry And Let My Prayers Come To You!

Lord God, Almighty, You alone are worthy of honor and glory. You have no beginning and You have no end. You are self-existent and self-sustaining. You created all that has been created for Your own glory. I bow my heart before You and worship You as God alone. You are everywhere at the same time. You know everything. You can do whatever You promise to do.

I adore You and thank You for sending Your Son into our world and giving Him up to die to be our Savior. You brought Him back from the dead and gave proof that He is whom He said that He is, Son of God, Lord and Christ. I agree with You that He should be highly exalted and have the preeminence in all things. I want to honor Him as Lord of my life.

Lord, please forgive me for my sins. Wash me thoroughly and make me clean. Cover everything with Jesusí blood. You are faithful and just. I believe that You will never count those sins which You have forgiven against me again. Thank You for forgiving me. Please let Your Holy Spirit take control of me. Help me to yield myself to His control.

Lord, I want to live to glorify You wherever I am and whoever I am with. May they see Your image in me and in the way I behave. May all who see me be convinced that I have the eternal hope within me. I want to live on earth with a sense that I am going to live in Heaven forever with You. You have a home prepared for all who believe You and accept the gift of eternal life through Your Son, Jesus Christ.

Thank You, Lord God! Thank You for providing salvation and offering it to me. I know that I do not deserve it. I am grateful to You and I owe You a debt I know that I cannot pay. I am crying out to You to help me, Lord! Help me to live to bring You glory. Help me, Lord, to live holy and so many will be led to also bring glory to You.

Lord, please help me to live in dependence upon You. Help me learn to tell You everything and to trust You to work it all out for me. Help me to talk to everyone about You. Help me to make You popular.

Lord, please help me to influence other people to trust You with their lives. I want my life to count for You today. I want to live above the world. I want to keep away from sin. Make me a source of blessing, and an instrument of righteous- ness, Lord. I want to perfect holiness in my own life. Lord, please hear my cry and let my prayer come unto You. In Jesusí name. Amen.