This Years Award Winners

  • Honorary FFA Membership Award: ~Mr. Mike Thatcher ~Mrs. Kim Lewis ~Ms. Karen Wolf

  • Chapter Star Farmer Award: ~Johnny Trout ~B.J. Waltimyer

  • Again this year North Harford has the honor to have one of it's judging teams place first in the state or Maryland. These members have worked hard and will represent us well at the National Agronomy Contest in Louisville, Kentucky in October: ~Tanner Crowl ~Bryan Hendricks ~Chad Arnold ~Amy Vaughan

         Agriculture Mechanics Award: ~Chris Dixon ~Mike Bertuzzi

         Beef Production Award: ~Michelle Morrison ~Becky Dausch ~Kristen Grimmel

         Sheep Production Award: ~Robin Harkins

         Swine Production Award: ~Johnny Trout

         Dairy Production Award: ~Tanner Crowl ~Melissa Nash ~Rebekah Shahan ~Stephanie Koepper ~Mary Archer ~Tracy Webb

         Diversified Livestock Production Award: ~Emily Adham ~Jack Troyer ~Jen Smith ~Jackie Trout ~Amy Vaughan

         Diversified Crop Production Award: ~Dan Magness ~Charlie Martin

         Fruit and Vegitable Production Award: ~Jamie McCarter

         Equine Science Award: ~Kathy Preston ~Jen McKay ~Carrie Appel

         Agriculture Sales and Service Award: ~Marty Van Gosen ~Jason Shahan

         Florticulture Award: ~Brandi Eaton ~Amber Woods

         Specialty Animal Productioni Award: ~Kristen Sadler

         Nursery Operations Award: ~John Alexander

         Home and Farmstead Improvement Award: ~David Smith ~Brandon Smithson

         Placement in Agriculture Production Award: ~Alan Almony

  • Distinquished Service Award: ~Harford County Farm Bureau

  • Greenhand Degree: ~Tracy Webb ~David Smith ~Chad Arnold ~Emily Adham ~Jessie Preston ~Crystal Dowell ~Mike Bertuzzie ~Tanner Crowl ~Matt Benson
  • Star Greenhand Award: ~David Smith