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Tidy ?

I use Dave Raggett's Tidy to clean up stuff I write and publish on the web, either as a stand-alone application or incorporated in Chami.Com's HTML-Kit.

On the odd occasion I ended up working on a DOS platform I found that the supplied EXE file was a native Win32 console application so was unable to use it. (The same applies in Windows 3.11 even with the Win32S extensions.) However as the source code is available I downloaded it and have compiled a version using DJGPP the DOS port of the GNU C compiler... Of course it compiles nicely under Linux too but thats beyond the scope of this mini-project!

I've also got Borlands "Power Pack" for BCC 4.5, but due to time constraints and the fact that DJGPP works so well there seemed little point in compiling another version. I need to hack the source around a bit to get it to compile & run with BCC whereas DJGPP requires just 1 line to be changed!

System Requirements

Minimum of a 386 CPU, 4 megs of memory and DOS 3.3

If your DOS system doesn't have a DPMI server on it (program complains "DPMI not found, get CWSDPMI) Then get the CSDPMI5B.ZIP via the DJGPP site, or see below for a local copy. I would strongly recommend this if you are using DRDOS 7 as the internal DPMI server still seems to have odd problems with 32-bit stuff.

This port also runs equally as well in a dos box under Windows 3.11, or calling it from an editor program such as PFE.

DOS Run-Time Files

TIDY386.ZIP Zip File containing TIDY386.EXE and TAB2SPC.EXE. Compiled from sources dated 4th August 2000 - Dave Raggett's last release.
TIDY2412.ZIP Zip File containing TIDY386.EXE and TAB2SPC.EXE. Compiled from sources dated 24th December 2001 - Most recent at SourceForge.
CSDPMI5S.ZIP CWSDPMI source code, provided here for GPL purposes.

Note that tab2space.exe has been renamed TAB2SPC.EXE to be compatible with DOS's 8+3 filename limitations.

I have also renamed the Tidy executable to tidy386.exe so it can co-exist alongside the original Win-32 console mode version distributed along with the source code.


To get the documentation, latest version of Tidy for Win32 or the source code to "Roll your own" please visit Dave Raggett's page at: but...

Tidy is now an open-source project. Current sources can be found at

Whilst I will endeavor to make sure that this version is always up to date with Dave's current source release, there is always the possibility I may miss an update. There are two things you can do:

  1. Drop me a gentle hint by Email
  2. Get the source code and compile your own ;-P

DOS Software links

Some other resources for putting together web pages under Dos or Win 3.11 can be found at The Anorak's Retreat. (I'm in the process of sorting out some of the dead links there though.)

The DJGPP Project home page can be found here at

A good starting point for DR-DOS is

Arachne is THE browser for DOS!

Interesting DOS Programs is an excellent site maintained by Dev Anand Teelucksingh. Links are updated regularly, recommended viewing.


This port of tidy is provided with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY WHATSOEVER.

Tidy386 compiled by Nick B, 25th December 2001.

Page updated 25th April 2002. (Email addresses removed for anti-spam purposes)

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