MOUNTAIN LION - The mountain lion is a magnificent trophy, but an extremely elusive animal, requiring the aid of well-trained hounds. Hunt afoot, horseback, from four-wheel drives and snowmobiles, depending upon weather conditions. Fresh snow is a boon, but not absolutely necessary. This operation catches several lions each year on bare ground. The New Mexico season runs October through March, and try to harvest only mature toms. The big toms are the trophies. During the past 20 years this outfitter has earned a reputation as one of the top producers of mountain lions in New Mexico. It's success rate runs in excess of 80 percent -- every year. All lion hunts are ten-day hunts, unless an ON-CALL hunt has been arranged. Lion hunts can be combined with bobcat, javelina, or archery deer.


BOBCAT - The bobcat is also hunted with hounds through the winter months. There is no limit on bobcats, and many hunters have the opportunity to TAKE MORE THAN ONE. This hunt, combined with lion, makes for a wonderful winter hunting experience.

Mountain Lion - 10 days, $3000; On-Call, (Tom only: no kill no pay) $3500

Bobcat - $550

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