These tutorials are created using Paint Shop Pro and graphics by artists that have either given permission of use or graphics that were purchased with licensing agreements. All tutorial results are yours to keep as long as these results are not sold for profit. Do not copy these tutorials to your hard drive or distribute them by electronic means in other groups. You MAY text link to the tutorials and of course, have fun with them.

Please note with Free to Use Graphics:  At the time I wrote these tutorials, permissions were granted and graphic use was allowable.  But, as with all Free to Use Art, permissions after the time of the writing of these tutorials, may have been revoked.  Before using any Free to Use Art in your tags, please make sure to verify if the artist is still allowing free use of his or her graphics.  Many artists do go the license route and, if that is the case, free use is discontinued.

Moving forward, all new tutorials will now be housed at my blog, Catarific Paint Shop Pro for Beginners, located here due to the fact that Geocities will be closing down their web site division.  The new blog will explain the most popular PSP Tools and Effects and offer some of my favorite settings, as well.  The learning tutorials at the blog are edited tutorials from this site that have been revised to help you learn Paint Shop Pro.  All bolded terms in the tutorials will be found in the explanation section of the blog.  Once you have mastered the blog tuts, you will have a very good PSP foundation and should be able to enjoy creating tags and graphics from the many awesome tutorials available on the worldwide web.  If you no longer find this web site on line, it will be at the time that Geocities does it final clean up.  But do stop by the blog and do let me know if there are any particular tutorials here that you would like me to add there.  Just email here with a reference of old tuts on new blog.