Nilefire's Page
Hi, I'm Laurie, and this is my page. I just added some pics of me & added a pic of my cat, Zion.
Anywho- By day I am a night I am kind of a Goth , a Pagan ...I am an Egyptian Path Priestess (and have been such for over 10 yrs now).
I am also into reading, cartoons, animals (hyenas and scorpions expecially!), travelling, history (Mayan, Sumerian, Egyptian), archery, fishing, EVP, and I play both D & D (on paper), Warcraft  and Guild Wars (online).
Cool pics of Gnolls and Hyenas
Rob Zombie RULES!
Whats New?
October 3, 2008
After the May 24th proposal I moved to Pine City..During the move I fell and fractured my ankle in (3) places- OUCH!!!
All is well here, Zion has adjusted..
Silver Banshee Rocks!
My Kitty, Zion