Blessed Be

Hi, my names Nillhachien. Im a british wiccan, i have been for 3 years now.

This is my on-line book of shadows. Its gonig to be quite full up by the time ov finished, i have loads of stuff to put in here.

I live in the united Kingdom. Dont like going abroad cos i hate flying.

My favourite place in the whole world has to be stonehenge at midsummer, its so brilliant, the atmospher is electric. If you live in the U.K, and can get there next midsummer, GO, its brilliant, but u have to get there really early, about 1:00am to get a good spot.

Anyway, i went off the plot. I decided to do this, so i dont have to type out spells and things when my friends ask, and i want to share what iv learned with others, like they do with me.


Merry Part, my blessings go with you.
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taken a few days befor midsummer.
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