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(Plantagenet) was the Earl of March.
1461AD TO 1483AD

Married; Elizabeth Gray (NEE Woodville) She had other children by Gray, a daughter Elizabeth, and son, Marquis of Dorset. SONS: Edward v and the Duke of York. Brothers; Duke of Clarence; son? Earl of Warwick. Daughter; Mary. 4th daughter; Bridget.

????? = March family given the seat at Hendon.
????? = Tower of London; He kept a magnificent court here.
1461AD =Baynardís Castle. Here the Council assembled which proclaimed the Earl of March King, under the Title of Edward IV.
1462AD =Tower of London; Thomas talbot imprisoned. He had kept Henry VI prisoner at Waddington Hall, in Lancaster.
1464AD =Tower of London; Thomas Talbot imprisoned.
1467AD =Edwardís Queen, Elizabeth had a grant of the Manor of Richmond (Shene) for her life.
1480AD =Eltham Palace; Edward IVís fourth daughter, the Princess Bridget Plantagenet, was born here.
1482AD =Greenwich; Mary, the Kings daughter died. She was betrothed to the King of Denmark, but died before the solomnization of the marriage. During the latter end of King Ed. riegn the Grey Friars came to Greenwich.
1482AD =Eltham Palace; Edward kept a splended Xmas here, with 2,000 guests feeding at his expense every day.
1483AD =Tower of London: Lord Hastings beheaded, by order of the Protector Gloucester.
1483AD =Edward IV expended considerable sums in enlarging and beautifying the Manor of Greenwich(Palace), which he granted with the Manor and Town of Greenwich and the Park there, to Elizabeth his Queen. In the reign, a royal Joust was performed at Greenwich, on the marriage of Richard, Duke of York, with Anne Bowbray.
1483AD =Dr. Shaw and Prior Dinke aided the schemes of Duke Richard. The Dr. repented his shameful sermon he preached at St.Pauls that it struck him to the heart. He lost his voice and was forced to leave the pulpit.
1483AD =Baynardís Castle; Edward V was proclaimed king here.
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