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A strong body odor happens to men more than it does women, however the cause is the same. And the solution is simple! You're too clean! Sounds nutty doesn't it? Yet that is exactly what the problem is. And the explanation is below.

Back in the seventies some French doctors did a study on this problem of the sour smell that some men and women suffered from and here's what they discovered.

The skin has a fine covering of oil upon its surface for many reasons. One is to be a protection from dryness. Another is as a lubricant to prevent chafing of the skin. Another is to keep the pores from clogging up so we can perspire, which is our method of regulating the bodies cooling system. When we bath or shower we wash off that natural protection. It takes three days for the body to manufacture and replace those oils.

When we bath once or twice a week we don't have too much problem with this as the body can handle it. However when we bath every day and sometimes twice a day the sweat glands cannot cope. They do their best but they are overworked. So, what happens is; the body gets a coating of sweat that you could say is unfinished in the factory. The occasional overuse of soap will not cause a major problem for most people but there are always exceptions to the rules.

So, what I suggest for those that suffer from this problem is the following: (Or for those that don't want to get this problem)

If you must bath or shower every day then do the following; Use soap only twice a week. For the rest of the time just use pure water to cleanse yourself of dirt and sweat. Give the sweat glands a chance to recover and produce the proper oils for your skin.

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