Chicago Hot Spots:
Wild Hare
Transit, Pasha or Studio 63
Door 21, Chromium or Betty's
Leg Room, Funk

Dance, Drink & Mingle...You'll find us all at these spots on the dance floor
Was up, thanks for stopping by my page...Enjoy your stay....much luv to all my latinos....much love to all....muahzzzz!!!!  Where are all the sexy people at...holla
I am so lucky to have found my prince charming...I love you so much David...You are truely one in a million..Our luv will last 4ever til the end...Te Amo hoy y siempre...I am truely blessed....Muahzzzz un beso muy grande for you Baby!!!
Much luv to my baby brother who is now man stop love you til the day i die..ur always there for me to listen to my BS...I love you more than homie...yeah he's the mexican and i'm the puerto rican...enjoy ur youth..MUAHZZZZ!!!!  Bean 'N' PorkChop 4ever..
**Mari-- girl we have come a long ass way..what can i say, you are truely the best and always there for me when i need to vent on something...I love you and you both forever...Its been a blast so far and I know we still gonna be the best of friends and enjoy life like we have been doing so far...We gonna be at the clubs with our you lots..You're the sister i never had...
**Monica-- girl we have been through a lot together and i'm glad to have you as one of bests are always there for me to talk to and to go out and party know your my dance partner.."Right Thurr" no one can dance like us..Love you lots and don't you ever forget that...we can always make fun of Dookie folkz and Barbie...ha know it..
**Eva--or should i say J LO...I'm blessed to have you as one of my best friends..we have been through a lot and there is more to come...I love you like a sister and wish you and Oliver the best in life...You deserve it..thanks for always being there for me and giving me a shoulder to cry on and making me laugh when i know i'm always here for you....Love you lots...
**Maria-- this girl is a trip, but i love her to death..we always find something to do and have a blast...thanks girl for always being there for me and for just & for being'll find us at our spot eating Jibaritos..right you lots..I know you're my girl for life..