Sasuke no Anime Shuukin e youkoso! (Short anime reviews)

I have decided to revamp this section, since writing full reviews takes too long. So, I will have fairly short several-sentence reviews in this section from now on. I'll use letter grades for these reviews, ranging from top (A+) to bottom (F). Note that you won't see too many bad grades, as I usually do a little research before getting any new anime and skip anime that are reportedly bad. I would say that anything B+ and above is worth watching, with B generally being watchable and everything lower questionable - if you converted my letter scale to a 10 point scale, I suppose it would probably go something like A = 10 - 9, B = 8 - 7, C = 6 - 5, D = 4 - 3, and F = 2 - 1. Unless otherwise noted I have watched the entire series. Anime are in alphabetical order. Feel free to make comments in the guestbook.

Spoilers are in white text; to read, simply select the text.

Completed Anime

  1. 2x2 = Shinobuden: A chronicle of the insane antics of Shinobu the kunoichi, Kaede (a normal girl), Shinobu's master Onsokumaru (a flying yellow ball that is supposed to be a hawk) and an army of Sasuke ninja. No real plot but very funny stuff; unfortunately very short (only 12 eps). (A-)

  2. 5 Centimeters Per Second: An extremely well-drawn movie about the lives of a separated couple from childhood through young adult; as the movie puts it, it is a movie about "distance". The animation alone is reason enough to watch this one hour movie, but the storyline is touching as well. The movie is divided into thirds, with each depicting a different period in their lives; I think the second one is weaker than the other two, but still interesting. (A-)

  3. Abenobashi Mahou Shotengai: Very funny anime about two kids who keep getting teleported to different versions of the shotengai. One is the kung fu shotengai, while another is space. Lots of crazy antics, but the "real" plotline is kind of boring. (B)

  4. Air: Although the plotline of the anime gets convoluted towards the end, I still like this anime. Very good animation quality and I like the opening song a lot. In this, a young man helps three different girls with strange and interesting problems during one summer. Very sad towards the end. (A--)

  5. Air in Summer: Two episodes that help to further develop the characters in the "Kanna" arc. It would be a good idea to watch these in order understand the Kanna characters better - in fact, it would be even better if you watched these in their place in the TV series if you can. (A--)

  6. Air (Movie): Focuses its 1 hour and 30 minutes solely on the Misuzu/Kanna story, allowing for more development of the characters and their relationships. Very similar to the TV series, but with some differences to the plot; in addition, the art style is quite different. (A--)

  7. Akagi: If you like mahjong, you will probably think this anime is great - since I have some experience with the game, I really enjoyed it. The character design is bizarre, but since it's not a 'moe' anime or anything it doesn't detract. The music is great, as are the totally loony mahjong strategies they employ. Apparently even if you don't know mahjong you might like this anime, but I think when you have an understanding the anime becomes that much better. (A-)

  8. Amazing Nurse Nanako: A fairly unimpressive 6 episode series about a busty nurse and stuff. Awkward character design and forgettable plot (did it have any?). (C-)

  9. Angelic Layer: A young girl forms a relationship with her little fighting robot and they participate in a national championship. Basically one of those "fight with your heart" anime. Nice characters and funny at times, but weak plot. (B)

  10. Angel's Egg: A dated anime movie about a girl carrying a large egg in a surreal world while being shadowed by a mysterious young soldier. Lots of allusions and other unexplainable stuff - fun to watch if you want to be confused. There is very little dialogue in this movie, just to warn you. Every anime watcher should see this at least once. (A-)

  11. Apocalypse Zero: A brutally grotesque 2-episode OVA about a post-apocalyptic world, super mecha suits and buckets of bloody guts. The plotline is cut short at the 2nd episode, so there is no real conclusion. Not an anime really worth watching, except for its depictions of gore that border on poor comedy. (C-)

  12. ARIA the ANIMATION: A heart-warming anime about a young girl and her friends as they practice to become professional gondoliers. The setting is a terraformed Mars in the far future, and the girls train a city which is based on Venice (Neo-Venezia). ARIA moves at a very slow pace (much like the city around them), but no anime has seemed as "happy" in each episode as this one. Pleasant music and art, especially the scenery of Neo-Venezia. (A-)

  13. ARIA the NATURAL: Continuation of the first series, with more episodes. A higher proportion of episodes are focused on the "mysterious aspects of Aqua" (i.e. weird shit) than in the first series, but it is still worth watching. Hopefully there will be more. (A-)

  14. ARIA the OVA ~Arietta~: This one episode OVA probably lies within the last third of NATURAL, and it delves a little into the past of Alicia. The character design is slightly different from the regular animated series, but still enjoyable. (A-)

  15. ARIA the ORIGINATION: The heartfelt conclusion of the ARIA series, bringing the chronicle of Akari's apprenticeship to an end. (A-)

  16. Ayakashi Japanese Classic Horror: A collection of three Japanese horror tales of varying animation styles and plotlines. The major reason to watch this anime is the third story, which is about the Medicine Seller who stars in Mononoke. The first story is about a vengeful female ghost, while the second is a romance between a human and a monster. All in all, the first two stories are watchable yet unextraordinary. (B/B/A) -> (B++)

  17. Baccano!: Fun and fast story featuring a multitude of characters set in the early 1930's United States; the main storyline takes place during a transcontinental train hijacking and includes thieves, mobsters, lunatics and more. The story jumps around quite a bit and features a lot of characters, so it would probably be best to watch this in as quick a succession as possible. The animation quality, character designs and soundtrack are all great. (A-)

  18. Baccano! (OVA): 3 Episode OVA that wraps up some final story points and brings better closure to the series. Most of the time is spent on Chane, Claire and a new monkey wrench-wielding psycho named Graham. (A-)

  19. Bakuretsu Tenshi: Interesting characters marred in an awful plot, which gets progressively worse as time passes. Also, I don't like the character designs for some of the characters, but Jo is very interesting. About a group of female contract operatives. (D)

  20. Bartender: Eden Hall - A small bar hidden in the backstreets of Ginza, Tokyo and the setting of this anime. Ryuu Sasakura aka the wielder of God's Glass helps a myriad of customers with the wonders of alcohol. Learn about the history of liquor and how to make some cocktails. Too slow for some, but great for those who like it. (A--)

  21. Berserk: Great anime, if a little old. Tells the story of Guts, a super strong badass who can cut just about anything in two with his huge sword. This anime is actually only the beginning - the manga goes on much longer after the anime. Too bad that the anime hasn't/won't be made for the rest. (A-)

  22. Big O: Fun mecha + Batman mixture of an anime. The first 13 episodes are a little too formulaic but a few of them are very good. In the second half the episodes are more diverse in terms of plot structure. The animation is like the Batman animated series and the soundtrack is great. Unfortunately, the end of the series is confusing and disappointing. (B+)

  23. Binbou Shimai Monogatari: Charming story about two young sisters who live in an old run-down apartment, but are happy just living their everyday lives. Cute character designs, and development is typical of a slice-of-life anime. Simplistic anime, but entertaining. (B++)

  24. Black Lagoon: Interesting and action-packed anime about modern-day mercenaries in the seas around Southeast Asia (they call themselves "delivery people") - this anime reminds me of Hong Kong style action flicks. The animation is very nice, but the first 12 episode stand-alone season didn't really delve into any major plotlines opting instead to have multiple short stories. The second sesson continues in the same fashion as the first, with more character development and new villains. (B++)

  25. Bokurano: Science-fiction anime about a group of 15 young kids who have to pilot a robot one-by-one to protect Earth. The tone of the anime is mostly depressing, but it's watchable. The character designs are the same as those found in Narutaru. The manga is still ongoing, so the plot is vastly different in this version. (B)

  26. Boogiepop Phantom: A very strange and difficult-to-understand anime about depressing people with weird powers. Each episode has its own little story that ties in with the other episodes' stories, but adding them up for the overall plot is a difficult task. (B)

  27. Cardcaptor Sakura: THE magical girl show for most people - Sakura is trying to recollect the Clow Cards. However, the more substantial plot is about the relationships that Sakura creates along the way. Nice art, fairly good storyline and great character development. (A--)

  28. Cardcaptor Sakura: The Movie: Somewhat disappointing movie about Sakura, Tomoyo and Syaoran's trip to Hong Kong; it occurs between sessons one and two of the TV series. While the animation and music are good, this movie seemed to be missing something. (B)

  29. Cardcaptor Sakura: The Movie 2 - The Sealed Card: Much more interesting movie than the first one - this one occurs after the TV series and brings closure to the series. (A--).

  30. Chrno Crusade: About Rosette and Chrno who spend their time hunting down demons and the like - eventually erupts into a much bigger conflict. The plotline picks up later on when more characters are introduced. Very good quality anime. (A--)

  31. Chobits: This series lost my interest about halfway through, but I did see the last two episodes. About an android girl, Chii, and the guy who found her in the garbage. I like Chii, but the series got boring. (C)

  32. CLANNAD: A 23-episode series based on a Key game, and as such very similar to Air and Kanon. While the storylines are a little better than those in Kanon, most of the characters aren't fleshed out as well. Fluid animation and standard character designs for a Key anime. (B+)

  33. CLANNAD (Movie): Focuses on Nagisa's storyline, essentially ignoring the other heroines (although some of them do play a small part). The character designs are slightly different, but it is all in all almost everything is the same as in the anime - the marked difference between the two is that the movie continues on after the stopping point of the TV show. The pacing could have used a little work, as it tended to drag in the first half. (B-)

  34. Claymore: An adaption of the currently-running manga, this story about a skilled swordswoman and the scores of grotesque monsters starts off well - it is a faithful adaption for the first 20 episodes or so. However, at that point the anime diverts into an anime-only ending that is trite and uninspired. The animation and overall quality of the series is pretty good, but its a shame that the ending was so poor. Read the manga instead. (B+)

  35. Code Geass: A fun, but overhyped, anime about a young man's rebellion against the Britannian Empire. Features many attractive characters of both sexes, which undoubtably is the main draw. The plot is interesting but falters at times (particularly in the last two episodes). Attractive art and character designs. (B++)

  36. Code Geass R2: The last half of the Code Geass story; I didn't like this series as much as the first, as it felt less refined. While the first season kept weirdness such as "supreme consciences" to a minimum, there is plenty of that here. I also felt there were some plot points that weren't fully addressed. Overall worth watching, just slightly disappointing. (B+)

  37. Cowboy Bebop: I am sure this anime really doesn't need any introduction, but... This anime is about a band of bounty hunters who travel in space (futuristic setting) going after bounties and having other random adventures. The pasts of the characters play a big part. In a way, this anime can be described as a blend of jazz and science fiction. Very classy anime, good music and great action sequences. (A+)

  38. Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' on Heaven's Door : Interesting and well-done movie which comes between episodes 22 and 23 of the TV series. Very good animation and music. (A+)

  39. Darker than Black: An interesting anime about Contractors (people with special powers), a mysterious restricted area and a shadowy Syndicate. The format of the show is 2-episode arcs, each of which tells a short story and contributes to the overall development. The character designs, animation and music are great, but it's a shame the main plot couldn't have been a little better developed; the end is fairly weak. (A--)

  40. Death Note: Well-known anime about a young man who tries to use a killer notebook to clense the world of evil. Generally good animation, especially in the major episodes; sometimes the quality drops off othertimes. Also good music and characters; look up the manga and movies for different presentations of the same general story. (A)

  41. Dennou Coil: An interesting and well-animated show about a group of young kids in the near future and their interactions with a virtual world. There are some interesting concepts in this anime, but I felt that the creators couldn't decide if they wanted to focus on a child audience or an older one, creating something that was only half as fulfilling for both (too complicated for kids, but too much time wasted on trivial things for an older audience). In particular, the first two-thirds of the anime moved too slowly. (B+)

  42. Devil May Cry: A somewhat decent attempt at creating a video game anime, but unfortunately still lacking. The episodes tell their own seperate stories, but none of them are particularly interesting. In one episode Dante plays poker, but nothing original or creative happens (just the statistically impossible poker bullshit we've all seen before). While the animation is decent and the character designs attractive, it's just too boring. (C+)

  43. Disgaea: Based off of the PS2 video game, this anime seems to be disliked by most. However, I think the quirky humor came through and it was pretty funny at times. The animation is quite bad though, almost to the point of being a joke itself. The original voice actors from the game all are present in the anime, which is a plus. (C+)

  44. Dragon Ball Z: The perfect starter's anime and fairly popular in the US. Very easy to understand, and the "energy ball" conventions in this anime are pretty much universal anymore. However, this very simplicity is its downfall as it isn't very mind-provoking. (B-)

  45. Dragon Ball Z - lots of random movies: Tend to be entertaining to watch, but usually these are very simple and formulaic. (C+)

  46. Earth Girl Arjuna: Interesting anime basically about trying the save the earth from pollution. However, sometimes it is very preachy (especially the hamburger part). Still, the art is good and it is thought-provoking. (B)

  47. El Cazador: A yuri anime very similar to Noir that fails to match the predecessor's style and creativity. The characters and storyline are too bland, and very few episodes leave a lasting impression. While the animation, character designs and soundtrack are all commendable, the extremely weak and predictable plot is a disappointment. (B)

  48. Elfen Lied: 13+1 episode anime about mysterious girls with horns on their heads and the misery and death that surrounds them. Ample servings of gore and nudity; the story is interesting albeit somewhat disjointed. The art and music are pretty good. (B++)

  49. Escaflowne: About a girl who gets transported into medieval type world; some mecha, but not critical to the story. Interesting story and characters, though some complain their noses are too big. (B)

  50. Escaflowne (Movie): Similar to the TV series, but much more rushed. Impressive art, but as a package inferior to the TV series. (B-)

  51. Eureka SeveN: One of the more well-known shows to come out in 2005, Eureka SeveN starts out kind of slow but gets more and more interesting as it progresses. After you get past the first season, more characters get introduced and the main storyline starts to pick up. The character design is different, but it's still good. (A-)

  52. Evangelion: I have watched this, but it was Japanese raws and hence very confusing with my limited knowledge of Japanese. I think I would have to watch it again to give it a fair review.

  53. Fate stay night: Anime based off of the computer game of the same name, it remains very faithful to the source material. The animation and soundtrack are very good, but: I was disappointed when the storyline of the anime decided to stay extremely closely to the True Saber ending, instead of getting creative and making a slightly different ending. Then again, that's one of the problems when making this type of anime. Interesting and memorable characters and plot-line. (A--)

  54. Final Fantasy Unlimited: Very subpar anime with the Final Fantasy name; it has a completely original storyline, but with standard Final Fantasy characters and convensions like chocobos. About two kids who travel to a strange world to find their parents. The story is overly simplistic though, and the anime can't seem to choose whether it's main audience is little kids or young adults. (C)

  55. FLCL: A short and crazy anime about a girl who rides around on a Vespa and a boy with crazy stuff coming out of his forehead. Very crazy and great to watch. Good music too. (B++)

  56. Fruits Basket: A very charming anime about a girl (Tohru) who finds a home with a cursed family (when they hug someone of the opposite sex who is not cursed, they change to animal form). Tohru is a very admirable character, and has a very strong will - the anime basically revolves around her. While some of the events near the end are a little hokey, it is still very good. (A)

  57. Full Metal Panic!: The start of a series about a young soldier trying to protect a girl going to high school. Unfortunately for him, he doesn't seem to understand everyday life. Has mecha sequences as well as school romance sequences. I like the love comedy parts better. (B+)

  58. Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu: This series focuses completely on the love comedy aspect of Full Metal Panic. A lot of fun, and very funny. (B++)

  59. Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid: The actual sequel to the Full Metal Panic storyline - introduces new villains and the plot seems a lot more cohesive. Overall a step up from the first Full Metal Panic all around. (A)

  60. Fullmetal Alchemist: Great anime that unfortunately gets all screwy at the end - watch it yourself and see. Still, just about everything about this anime is great. Starts with Ed and Al trying to find the Philosopher's Stone so they can recover what was taken away when they attempted to revive their mother. (A-)

  61. Fullmetal Alchemist: The Conqueror of Shambala: This movie takes place after the anime, so watching the anime to its conclusion first is highly recommended - without knowing about the anime plot, there is little chance this movie will make sense. That aside, this movie is pretty interesting with very nice visuals and soundtrack. (A-)

  62. Fushigi Yuugi: Story about two priestesses and the warriors who protect them (lots of fighting) - setting resembles ancient China. Interesting story and characters, although quite melodramatic and the animation quality drops significantly sometimes. (B-)

  63. Galaxy Angel: The first season that started it all. Very funny anime about five girls hunting down "Lost Technology". Lots of wacky jokes, some impossible to understand (Japanese puns). (B+)

  64. Galaxy Angel Z: The second season of Galaxy Angel. (B+)

  65. Galaxy Angel A: This season introduces the Twin-Tai, who are two young kids. (B+)

  66. Galaxy Angel X: In this season a sixth girl (Chitose) is introduced who ends up spending her time trying to destroy Galaxy Angel. (B+)

  67. Galaxy Angel Rune: Watched up to ep3; this horribly drawn anime is a disgrace to the original Galaxy Angels. While the characters are cute and this show could've been something, it's marred down with dull jokes and plot-lines, as well as some of the best QUALITY ever seen. (D)

  68. Gankutsuou: A great anime based off of the Count of Monte Cristo novel and thus, a mature story about love and revenge. The futuristic Paris setting allows the anime to have its own special feel to it, and the animation style is unique and truly a work of art. The music is also spectacular, adding to the atmosphere of an anime that is full of so many strong emotions. Realistic and memorable characters too. While I was kind of disappointed with the ending, I realise I am kind of picky with these kinds of things. Easily one of the best anime to come out in recent years. (A+)

  69. Gantz: Strange, but interesting anime about a black ball and the survivor-style game it forces recently deceased people to participate in. There are lots of questions asked throughout this series, but few are resolved. In particular, the ending is extremely ambiguous. The character design is interesting; the best thing to do would be to read the manga if interested. (B-)

  70. Genshiken: A great anime about an anime/manga/video game circle at a small college in Japan. Plays with standard otaku convensions like doujinshi, plastic models, and rife with traditional anime references. Thanks to this series, I was able to find Tora no Ana in Akihabara easily. A great series, and very funny. My only complaint is that it's too short, but the manga continues on after the anime. (A)

  71. Genshiken 2: The long-awaited second series of Genshiken - continues with the loony otaku comedy of the first. Essentially more of the same series, with new characters and jokes. Comiket plays an even more important role in this series than the first. (A)

  72. Giant Robo (OVA): A classic 7 episode OVA about super heroes, villains, the energy crisis, and of course Giant Robo. While made back in the 1980's-1990's, the animation is still impressive. Very colorful and interesting characters, though the ending is not definitive, and a continuation has not been made. Recommended. (A-)

  73. Girls Bravo: Standard harem anime, but sometimes funny. However, if you've watched any other harem anime you've probably seen just about everything you'd see here (some of the sub-characters are so stupid they're funny though). (C+)

  74. Girls Bravo Season 2: Watched up to ep9; from what I saw, this anime was just more of the same from the first series. Some of the jokes are funny, but it's really hit-and-miss. (C+)

  75. Ghost Hound: This confusing jumble of attrative character designs, excessive neuropsychology and half-developed plotlines and characters at least scores points for being different. Too many of the characters in this anime are not developed enough, while excessive time is wasted on the scientific parts. It's really a shame, because this anime could have been an interesting thriller similar in tone with Silent Hill. (B)

  76. Great Teacher Onizuka: Classic anime about former-biker who becomes a teacher for a class of troublemakers. Lots of fun expressions and reactions from Onizuka and the vice-principal (CRESTA!!!). Will continue to read the manga, since it goes on after the anime and is somewhat different. (A--)

  77. Gunbuster: One of the first anime produced by Gainax, this 6-episode OVA about a young girl's personal growth and battle against an alien invasion is seen by many as a classic. The character designs and music are characteristic of the late 1980's, and the animation quality is still admirable by today's standards. The scientific explanations in this anime are pretty interesting, even if they are made up. (A--)

  78. Gunbuster 2 (Diebuster): This 6-episode OVA is the spiritual successor of the first Gunbuster and features a lot of same themes and plotlines; however, in terms of style it more resembles FLCL. The animation quality and character designs are great, and I really liked the goofy but ever-happy main character Nono. You should watch the first series before seeing this in order to pick up on the references. (A--)

  79. Gundam 00: Interesting and well-animated gundam series about a rogue group that attempts to end wars by aggressively stopping conflicts. The last half of this series gets strange, but I expect that some of these issues will be addressed in the sequel. (B++)

  80. Gundam Seed: While I typically don't like mecha anime, I found Gundam Seed to be pretty good - however, I think the first half was considerably better than the second. The characters in this anime are interesting and the animation pretty good, but the character designs are too repetitive. (B+)

  81. Gundam Seed Destiny: A few steps below the first one in terms of the storyline. More of the same in terms of animation quality and overall quality of the anime, but with new characters and less coherent plot. (B-)

  82. Gungrave: An alternate telling of the events that happen in the Gungrave PS2 video game. Starts off with the background of Brandon Heat, who eventually becomes Beyond the Grave because of his best friend Harry. A story about an unquenchable thrist for power. The first half is actually very interesting, but the Beyond the Grave part is much less so. Animation quality is good. If you ask me the best thing to do is to play the game, and then watch the anime for the background story to the game. (B+)

  83. Gunslinger Girl: Anime about little girls being turned into assassins after they were mortally wounded. Very good animation quality, and good sound. However, the plot just doesn't pick up at all making it feel like it never went anywhere. (B)

  84. Gurren Lagann: The Gainax anime focused on drills, explosive mecha battles and kicking reason to the curb tells the life story of Simon. Features a colorful cast of fun characters and interesting mechas. The animation quality is typically superb (except for the infamous episode 4), and the character designs are attractive. All in all an entertaining series, though a little simplistic. (A-)

  85. Haibane Renmei: An excellent anime that starts slow, but picks up in the last half. About a young haibane (angel) girl who is born into a strange but peaceful world. Lots of subliminal meaning in this anime - try to pay attention to all the clues given. (A+)

  86. Hand Maid May: A cute harem show, this time with robot girls too. This series is actually fairly funny and enjoyable. (B)

  87. Happy Lesson: Awful ass shit. I couldn't stand more than 3 episodes of this harem anime due to the character design, the annoying-as-hell main character and the canned supporting cast. Only the science teacher was worth anything in this anime. (F)

  88. Hellsing: About vampires and other assorted monsters in a present-day setting. Alucard is a pretty cool character (the main character who's a vampire), if a little insane. Very dark colors used for the art. The manga continues on after the anime. (B)

  89. Heroic Age: ZERG RUSH KEKEKEKE Probably the closest thing to a StarCraft anime we'll ever get, this series features Terran, Zerg and Silver Terran along with some planet-destroying Hero units. The character designs look almost exactly like those in Gundam Seed, which can be taken as a plus or minus. For the most part, this anime is watchable but don't expect to be amazed. (B)

  90. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni: Interesting horror/mystery anime that takes place in rural 1980's Japan. The chilling atmosphere in some of the episodes is lots of fun, and the characters are interesting. Too bad the art is kind of crappy, but it doesn't detract too much. (A--)

  91. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai: The continuation of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni has much better animation than its predecessor, but a lot of the tension that made the first so fun is missing. This is mostly because all the questions are answered, and in its place we are given more fanservice and "action". Kind of disappointing, but it is an interesting conclusion to the Higurashi story. (B++)

  92. Hokuto no Ken: Raoh Gaiden Junai-hen: The Thouther arc of Hokuto no Ken in movie form - excellent animation and features a remixed "YOU WA SHOCK". Also features some new characters, but I was a little dissapointed in the parts they left out. (A--)

  93. Hoshi no Koe: A short but fascinating anime about a young girl who tries to stay in contact with her boyfriend on Earth, despite being miles (and later, lightyears) away. Only 25 minutes long, but very moving. The character designs are somewhat quirky, but the overall art production makes up for it. (A--)

  94. I My Me! Strawberry Eggs: Relatively unknown anime about a guy who crossdresses so that he can teach athletics at a local school. The crossdressing is ridiculously effective though. Some very funny sequences and cute characters. Fairly unusual music for a Japanese anime (country or something). (B)

  95. Ichigo Mashimaro: Funny series about 4 elementary school girls and an older sister. A slice of life anime where one of the girls is very crazy and eccentric. (B+)

  96. iDOLM@STER: XENOGLOSSIA: Being a show by Sunrise, this show looks and feels a lot like My-HiME/Otome. The main characters have been taken from the popular arcade simulator iDOLM@STER, but this time they are mecha-pilots. The storyline is decent, and with some work could have been better. In addition there are some pacing issues, as it takes too long to get past the characterization episodes. Overall a watchable, but unspectacular, series. (B)

  97. iDOLM@STER Live for You! (OVA): A one episode OVA chronicling the misadventures of Haruka, Chigusa and Miki. While there are no giant robots like in XENOGLOSSIA, I found it enjoyable - whether or not I could watch 26 episodes in this fashion is questionable however. The character designs are based off of the original game designs. (B+)

  98. Ikkitousen: Strange, but interesting anime about decendents of legendary fighters playing out Romance of the Three Kingdoms in a high school setting. Tons of ridiculous fanservice, with girl's shirts getting blown off left and right. (B-)

  99. Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny: Pretty much more of the same from the first series, just with some new characters and new character designs. There's really no reason to watch this; however, I do like some of the character designs. It's a pity that the story is so uninspired. (B-)

  100. Innocent Venus: A somewhat cliched anime featuring your all-too-common "dismal two-class society future", "mysterious girl", "silent hero" and mecha fighting. Most of the elements in the series you've seen before and it's too predictable (but there is an interesting twist halfway). The animation and music is good, but the anime fails to impress since everything is too familiar. (B)

  101. Iria - Zeiram the Animation: Old-school (1994) science fiction anime about a young female hunter and her run-ins with an indestructible bio-soldier. Only 6 episodes, it makes for an interesting watch. Nothing too special about this one though. (B)

  102. Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu: aka Saikano Lite - This 6 episode OVA is also about a girl soldier who falls in love and has a tumultuous relationship. Not as ridiculous as Saikano but still has some far-fetched scenes; also, with only 6 episodes the character and plot development suffers. The art is very beautiful though. (B+)

  103. Jigoku Shoujo: Enma Ai, a little black-haired, red-eyed girl, runs a website named Jigoku Tsuushin, which allows people to enter the names of the people they hate so Ai will take them down to Hell. Of course, this power comes at a price... The episode format for this anime is very repetitive, but some of the storylines are interesting (ep13 especially). Ai's past is presented in the last 3 episodes. The animation and character designs are very good, as are the music and sound. Lots of famous voice actors play small parts in this anime too. If you can look past the repetition, this is an interesting anime. (A--)

  104. Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori: A continuation of the first series with a few notable differences. First, while some of the episodes are still too formulaic there is a larger proportion that break the tread in this series. Second, the sequel helps to develop Ai and her subordinates better, both in terms of their relationship and their respective histories. Third, the last five episodes play out in one large arc, which is more involving and developed than the other stories. All in all more interesting than the first series, and probably what the first should have been more like. (A-)

  105. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (OVA): This 13 episode OVA (6 episodes made in 1993, and the preceding 7 episodes made in 2001) covers an abriged version of series 3 of the Jojo saga. Series 3 introduces stands, which are projections of one's fighting spirit, and is most likely the most well-known part of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure thanks to ZA WARUDO. The animation quality is very good, though better with the first 7 episodes since they were made more recently. Reading the manga through to the end of series 3 is my recommendation before watching this OVA, as it will fill in the backstory of the plot better. (B+)

  106. Jubei-chan: A voluptuous young girl gets a mysterious eye-patch that changes her into a voluptuous sword-wielding female Jubei. Lots of comedy and sword-fighting action. The art is very nice, and sometimes changes style for characters to add to comedy value. Very enjoyable. (B++)

  107. Jubei-chan 2: Continuation of the first series, this time with a blond Russian girl as a competitor female Jubei. More comedy and sword-fighting action. Very cute main characters and supporting cast too. (B++)

  108. Junni Kokki: An epic anime that takes place in a mythical world resembling ancient China. This anime was originally going to be 60 episodes, but due to poor viewing in Japan it was cut down to 45 episodes. It's a real shame too, as this anime creates one of the most intricate and fascinating worlds found in an anime (it's based off of a novel). The characters are memorable as well. The anime presents 4 main storylines, and the main characters change with each storyline but all the stories tie together. While the art has a somewhat old look to it, it does the job. Overall, a very enjoyable anime. (A)

  109. Kaiji: A gambling anime - different from Akagi in that the games played are all different. While the character designs are bizarre, this show is definitely recommended. The soundtrack is good too. The second season is in the works presently. (A-)

  110. Kaleido Star: A charming anime about a young girl who joins a circus (Kaleido Stage) as a trapeze artist. Basically an anime about how, if you work hard enough and believe, you can overcome anything. Kind of simplistic, but it's too enjoyable to pass up. Sora's perverted and enigmatic mentor, Fool, is an added plus. Actually has two seasons, but they flow from one to the next with almost no change whatsoever. There are also some OVA episodes you should seek out too. (B+)

  111. Kamichu!: This anime is about a middle school girl from the city of Onomichi who suddenly becomes a kami and has to deal with the responsibilities of being one. The anime follows a fairly loose plot-line, making this anime seem most like a "slice-of-life" anime than anything else. The animation is pretty good, especially the facial expressions (words are mouthed out frequently). Four episodes were released only for DVD, for a total of 16 episodes total. (B+)

  112. Kannaduki no Miko: About two miko who try to save the world; mecha are involved. There are a lot of disposable charactors in this anime as they really don't serve any purpose. Nice art and music, but very subpar and ultimately forgettable plot. Features a lesbian relationship as its core mechanic. (B)

  113. Kanon: Anime based on a bishojyou game (i.e. it's a harem anime). Typical quality, etc for anime based off of games like this, however there are some characters I really like in this anime. I didn't really like the character designs at the beginning, but I got used to them. Plot picks up later on, so it's alright. (B-)

  114. Kanon (2006): Essentially the same thing as the first Kanon, just longer and with better character designs, animation and music. If you watched the first one already, you really don't need to spend time with this one - you've seen it all before. If you haven't seen either, then this one is better. (B)

  115. Kara no Kyoukai (Movie series): The extremely well animated predecessor of Tsukihime. The first movie is about a mysterious chain of suicides which a young girl with Mystic Eyes of Death Perception investigates. While the plot and characterization are fairly weak (due to a short short 49 minute runtime), the soundtrack and animation quality make up for it. (A-)

  116. Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou: Very fun and realistic (at least with the feelings involved) anime about a young couple's developing relationship. Lots of great and crazy comedy, but the animation quality goes down the shitter towards the end of the series. (B)

  117. Kasimasi ~Girl Meets Girl~: Quirky anime about a girlish guy who gets turned into a girl after a UFO crashes into him. Moves on to amusing and awkward girl-girl relationships and male-best-friend (Asuta) antics. Some of the characters are very amusing. (B)

  118. Kiddy Grade: Anime about two girls with special powers who are part of an interplanetary policing body. The plotline gets kinda weird at the end, but the animation and overall quality of the anime is pretty good. (B)

  119. Kigeki (English: Comedy) (OVA): A short ten minute fairy tale about a young girl who gets help from a mysterious swordsman who lives alone in a castle deep in the woods. Interesting animation; it's only ten minutes long, so it's worth a watch. (B+)

  120. Kimi ga Nozomu Eien: Very soap-opera-y but good anime about a girl who gets in a brutal accident and put in a coma, while her boyfriend forms another relationship while she's asleep. Of course, we all know what happens from there. Some people don't like this anime, but I think it's worth the time to watch it. Very good character design. (B+)

  121. Kino's Journey: A very unique and intriquing anime about a young traveler named Kino, who visits many different countries while riding on a talking motorrad named Hermes. These lands have their own customs and traditions that set them apart from other countries, often each with their own vice or problem. Thus, this anime is somewhat a look at human weakness and, in some instances, cruelty. It is too bad that the anime is only 13 eps + 1 fifteen-minute short + 1 OVA, since it is very interesting. Very nice art and soundtrack. (A+)

  122. Kisaku: Normally I wouldn't put a hentai anime here, but this one is just too funny to pass up. This hentai is about Kisaku Ito, a pervert who uses technology and wits to get what he wants. Frequently talks to the audience, increasing the hilarity. Some of the girls are really cute too. (B+)

  123. Kokoro Library: Charming, but slow, anime about three sisters who run a large library in the countryside. One of those "slice of life" anime. I liked a lot. (B+)

  124. Kono Minikuku mo Utsukushii Sekai: A guy finds a young girl in a shining ball in the woods, who comes under attack by random monsters. The comedy episodes are much better than the serious ones. Very cute characters, including the way-underused subcast. (B-)

  125. Korega Watashi no Goshujinsama (He is my Master): Comedy anime about a lecherous young millionaire who hires two girls to be his maids. Features an annoying and ugly alligator. Sometimes genuinely funny with its perverted jokes, but I don't like this series that much. (C+)

  126. Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora: A quirky and clumsy school drama anime similar to Kannaduki no Miko. The animation and music quality are still good, but the plot is predictable and boring. Many characters from Kannaduki no Miko reappear in this anime, but the main drawing factor (yuri) is lost. (B-)

  127. Laputa: Castle in the Sky: Although this is one of Studio Ghibli's first movies, it has aged extremely well. The animation quality is still impressive, as is the accompanying musical score. This movie tells the story of a young girl and boy who must uncover the secrets of the Castle in the Sky while being chased by the greedy army and pirates. The storyline, while somewhat simplistic is still interesting. (A+)

  128. Last Exile: Very good anime that starts out about two warring nations in a world of sky. Very nice animation and the plot is very interesting too. The ship vs ship battle sequences are great to watch. I also think that Delphine makes a great villain. (A)

  129. Legend of the Galactic Heroes: The epic 110-episode space opera, Legend of the Galactic Heroes chronicles the lives and successes of Reinhard von Lohengramm of the Galactic Empire and Yang Wen-li of the Free Planets Alliance. Military strategy, politics, history and great character development all intertwine to make for an engaging experience, though it is overwhelming at times. The series was animated back in the 90's, so the animation is dated but it does its job. Those who like Seikai no Senki will probably like this. (A+)

  130. Legend of the Galactic Heroes (2 Movies): A pair of movies (My Conquest is the Sea of Stars, Overture to a New War) proceed the first battle of Legend of the Galactic Heroes, setting up the context for the Astate Encounter. A good time to watch these two movies would be after you learn about the main cast of characters, (after the 1st season) as without this knowledge the movies will likely be confusing. (A-)

  131. Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Golden Wings (OVA): This OVA episode is done in a noticibly different style than the rest of the series. The plotline follows the 4th Battle of Iserlohn, as well as an assassination plot against Reinhard. As with the other prequels to the main series, it might be best to wait until you know the main cast of characters before watching. (A-)

  132. Legend of the Galactic Heroes: A Hundred Billion Stars, A Hundred Billion Lights (OVA): This OVA series reveals the early past of Reinhard, as he climbs the ranks of the Galactic Empire starting from a lowly foot-soldier on a snowy border world to the beginning of his ship-commanding days. While there are some great parts in this OVA, other arcs are too slow and/or boring. (A-)

  133. Les Miserables Shoujo Cosette: A children's anime based on the famous French novel, Shoujo Cosette adheres the to orginal storyline more than one would orginally think. The character designs are simple but attractive, and the backgrounds are well done. While the plot drags sometimes (particularly in parts where it deviates from the novel), it is still fulfilling. (B++)

  134. Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro: 1979 Lupin film about a ragtag group of thieves who save a young girl in trouble. The film shows its age through the art and sound quality, but retains its charm. (A)

  135. Maburaho: Harem anime that I think is a step above most harem anime. I like the main girl characters in this one (especially Rin), and the main plotline isn't that bad. This anime has the distinct feature of having a HUGE set of completely unused unique subcharacters (the other members of Yuuna and Kazuki's class). It's a shame that someone made all those characters, and they were never used for anything. (B+)

  136. Mahoromatic: About a robot girl who becomes a maid at a young guy's house. Another anime where the comedy far outclasses the serious plot. Fairly good animation and overall quality. (B)

  137. Mahoromatic: Something More Beautiful: Second series of Mahoromatic. More of the same, but with a new robo-girl Minawa. The last several episodes (where it becomes "serious") start off okay, but decend into total weirdness. (B-)

  138. Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha: A magical girl show that features lots of beam shots and explosions (and panty shots). Fun interaction between Nanoha and Fate (more lesbian innuendo), and features some parenting skills at their best. Entertaining anime, if you are into it. (B+)

  139. Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A's: Continuation of the first series, this time with Nanoha and Fate working together. More cute girls get introduced as the antagonists (not all of them are loli this time), and more beam shots and energy explosions ensue. I like the first series more, but this one is still good. (B)

  140. Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS: Somewhat disappointing third segment in the Nanoha story. At 26 episodes, the series was better able to develop the plot and characters, but chose to do so in an awkward and boring way (the training of the new characters). In addition, the low animation quality seems more noticable in this series as compared to before. This series takes place 10 years after A's, so most of the returning cast has aged considerably (which has been seen as a negative for some). There are many characters in this anime too; too many in my opinion. All in all, the series could have been much better executed and thrown in more plot-twists to keep things more interesting. (B-)

  141. Mahou Tsukaitai (Magic User's Club): Somewhat simple but charming anime about a small magic (real magic, not like card tricks) club at high school. Very fun characters, but overall seems too short (both a 6 ep OVA and 13 ep TV series exist - watch in that order). (B+)

  142. Maria-sama ga Miteru: Takes place at Lilian Gakuen, a Catholic girl's-only school. Follows the everyday life of Yumi and the various events that happen at this unusual school. Lots of lesbian innuendo and such. Art and music are good. (B)

  143. Maria-sama ga Miteru ~Haru~ : Continuation of the first series. However, this one has the awfully drawn out "graduation" sequence which was boring as hell. Also got somewhat annoyed with Yumi's overreactions. Otherwise it's good. (B-)

  144. (The) Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: Quirky and interesting anime about an eccentric girl named Haruhi and the wise-cracking narrator Kyon. Haruhi starts up a club to attract and investigate aliens, time travelers and espers and lots of science fiction stuff happens. The episodes are arranged in an anachronic order, so the anime jumps around somewhat. Also very cute animation and characters. (A--)

  145. Minami-ke: This amusing story about three young sisters and their quirky friends is similar to Azumanga Daioh and Ichigo Mashimaro. Features attractive character designs and gags that don't fail to delight. (A--)

  146. Mononoke: A tale of a mononoke hunter, traveling as a simple medicine man. Very similar to Mushishi in terms of tone and story-telling style, but the animation style more closely resembles Gankutsuou. While some may be put off by the strange style and slow first arc, stick with it for the first two storylines to see if you like it or not. (A-)

  147. Monster: An epic 74 episode anime that takes place in 1980s-90s Germany and Czech which chronicles the fate of Dr Kenzo Tenma. Tenma saves a boy who has been shot in the head, but little does he realize what will begin after he does... A mystery anime in the same vein as the movie The Fugitive. Very memorable characters and settings, with very nice art. (A)

  148. Moyashimon: A quirky and charming series about Tadayasu Sawaki, who begins classes at an agricultural college and has the ability to see microbes as chubby-faced creatures. Has nice animation and music, and the cast of unique characters keep you watching. Hopefully there will be a second series, as the first is too short. (A-)

  149. Musashi Gundoh: Amazing gunplay and swordsmanship. Uo, mabushi! This amazingly bad series highlights the wacky adventures of Gundoh Master Musashi and his battle against the ayakashi. The first half is better than the second - the second half has insufficient action. (C-) Fun Factor: A+

  150. Mushishi: Intriquing anime about a Mushi Expert who helps the local people deal with problems related with this mysterious lifeform known as Mushi. In the anime, Mushi are a type of ancient lifeform similar to fungi or bacteria but more mysterious in their lifeprocesses. Very nice art (especially the detail in the backgrounds) and soundtrack, but the anime's progression may be too slow for some. (A+)

  151. My Dear Marie: Very short anime about a nerdy guy who makes an android of the girl he likes. Fun while it lasts, but way too short to really get anywhere (only 3 eps). (B-)

  152. My-HiME: Story about girls with special powers (Hime). Good animation and characters (tons of them), and the plot picks up later on. However, the execution is cliche, and in the end the comedy episodes were much better than the serious ones. (B)

  153. My-Otome: A different story with the same cast as My-HiME, plus loads of new characters. In fact, I think there are too many characters since there isn't enough time to develop them. Anyway, the storyline starts out more promising then it ends up and sometimes the animation quality takes a hit, but still is an entertaining anime. (B)

  154. Nadesico: In a way, this anime is a parody of other mecha anime. Fun comedy (mostly with the made-up anime Gekiganger) and some very memorable characters, this was a hit in Japan back in the day (mainly with Ruri). The main plot is cheezy though. (B)

  155. Nadesico: Prince of Darkness: This movie comes after the TV series, and it's totally different. While the TV series had lots of comedy mixed in with the serious themes, the movie is almost completely serious. Somewhat confusing as well. (B-)

  156. Nadia the Secret of Blue Water: Fairly old (but good) anime about a young girl who discovers her past and comes into contact with some vicious foes. Most of the battles are with a submarine against other machines. Features Captain Nemo, the captain that falls into more traps in this anime than I have ever seen. "Wana ka?!" (B+)

  157. Najica Blitz Tactics: Decent anime about a secret agent girl who befriends an android. The android ends up playing a big part near the end of the series, but the main plot is still not too intriquing. Panty shots by the bucket load. Nice art too, overall. (B-)

  158. Narue no Sekai: Narue is a slightly eccentric alien girl who forms a relationship with a normal guy. Enjoyable anime, but it seems to end in a way that makes you think there would be a continuation. Nice art and overall quality is okay. (B)

  159. Narutaru: A very peculiar anime about a young girl who befriends a strange creature. The opening will probably trick you into thinking this anime is for kids, but later on the themes get very dark. Many characters die in this anime, some very brutal deaths. Character design is a little strange, but okay. Overall, a very unique watch. (B+)

  160. Ninja Scroll (Movie): Entertaining action movie about a rugged samurai warrior and his battles with some of the craziest villains ever. While there is a plot, its sole purpose really is to just string battles together. Good animation, especially for something made in the early 90's. (B++)

  161. Ninja Scroll (TV): An anime that survives completely on the uniqueness of its cast of characters - the storyline itself is horrendous. However, the usually good artwork, interesting music and totally strange and quirky characters carry it through. A fun watch, but don't expect too much. (B+)

  162. Noir: About female assassins, their numerous jobs and ends with them having to confront their past. This anime has a lot of style, but the storyline is only average. Interesting action sequences, but strange as there is no blood during the majority of it (all of it?) (B)

  163. Now and Then, Here and There: A very dark anime about a bleak and distant future where endless war and destruction rage - in the middle of it is a optimistic and stubborn Japanese boy from the current age. The visuals are pretty good, but the most important part of this anime is the depiction of how war affects people. (A--)

  164. Nurse Witch Komugi Chan Magikarte: There aren't many episodes of this, but it's fun while it lasts. A very comedic magical girl show that has quite a few references to otaku culture. Komugi's sidekick Mugimaru is hilarious too. (B)

  165. Onegai Teacher: Somewhat soap-opera-y anime about an alien teacher forming a relationship with one of her students. This particular student has some problems, however. Features a very perverted 13th OVA episode. Nice animation and character design. Also has Ichigo. (B)

  166. Onegai Twins: Kind of like a sequel to Onegai Teacher, but not really because the main cast is totally different even though the old characters are still there. Kei is a retard mute who says nothing this time around. This time it's about a guy who lives with two girls, one of which is his sister and one isn't but they don't know which one is which. Results in the annoying "She could be my relative!" plot mechanic. Ichigo makes a return, but personality-wise she is very different. (B)

  167. Ouran High School Host Club: An very funny love comedy that takes place at an extremely rich school - Haruhi, a girl who looks like a boy, has to join the school's host club in order to pay off her debt after breaking a vase. Since the show's primary audience is female the gayness and fangirlism is at times hard to stomach, but it's not too common and the show has some great scenes. (B++)

  168. Pale Cocoon (OVA): Very well done albeit short OVA depicting a dark and gloomy future. The art and music are fantastic, and the story is fasinating and thought-provoking. Everyone interested in anime should watch this at least once - maybe more, since it such a small time commitment. (A)

  169. Paprika: Features some of the best animation I have ever seen; while the story is somewhat strange, it is interesting. The animation and music quality alone make this movie worth watching. (A)

  170. Planetes: This anime paints a very realistic picture of the near-future, 2076. The main characters are debris collectors, but the subject matter of the anime goes far beyond just space. Gets very interesting towards the end. The art is okay - the character designs are more realistic than most. (A-)

  171. Pita Ten: Kiddy show about a young boy who has an angel (and later devil too) as a next-door neighbor. The angel is trying to become a full-fledged angel by taking an exam. The character design was obviously with kids in mind. Sometimes is very funny though. (B-)

  172. Porco Rosso: Charming and entertaining movie about a pig pilot's exploits over the Mediterranean Sea during the Great Depression. The animation and music, while slightly aged, are still good by today's standards. (A--)

  173. Princess Tutu: Fascinating fairy-tale based anime that draws heavily from European story-telling and ballet. While this show might initially strike one as a simple magical girl show, it has a lot more to it in terms of story and character development. The character designs are cute and the music is predominantly classical, in order to fit the mood and themes. (A-)

  174. Puni Puni Poemi: A short 2 episode OVA featuring the daughter of Nabeshin from Excel Saga. Very crazy and funny, though the humor is at times impossible to understand; the show uses a lot of parody and puns. There is a lot of sexual humor as well. (B+)

  175. Rahxephon: This anime features some very unusual and unique circumstances, and gets very confusing at the end. It is very interesting though, and the animation is very nice. (B)

  176. Ranma 1/2: Doesn't measure up to the manga at all. While some of the episodes are great (notably, the one where Kunou gets superpowered and almost defeats Ranma once and for all) most are not so and the anime ends on a very strange note. About a guy who changes into a girl when splashed with cold water. (C)

  177. Rayearth: Decent anime about three girls who turn into magical warriors to save a princess. The middle of the anime is kind of dull, but the ending twist is very cool. Art is of okay quality. (B-)

  178. Rayearth 2: Better than the first season - this time there is an interplanetary dispute that the girls have to try and solve. Better characterization and none of that "monster-of-the-week" stuff. Art seems a little better too. (B)

  179. Read or Die (OVA): Short but very slick OVA about a girl who can use paper as a weapon as she tries to hunt down rare books that other superpowered guys are after. Very good art, and while the story is only average it still is great fun to watch. (B+)

  180. Read or Die (TV): Continues on after the OVA, but with different main characters. This time, it's three sisters from China who can use paper in different ways (animals, bow & arrow, knifes). More great action sequences, and a better plot. A very enjoyable anime. (B++)

  181. REC: This short (9+1 eps, ~12 mins/ep) anime features the story of an aspiring voice actress and her developing relationship. This anime is generally fairly light-hearted, and I think this anime has a nice charm to it. There are some eps that were released only for DVD, so be sure to watch those too. (B+)

  182. Record of Lodoss War (TV): An okay anime about a band of warriors trying to stop an evil knight from taking over - medieval setting with magic, elves, etc. The art is okay, considering the time period it was made in and the plot is okay too. Also has the very enjoyable Welcome to Lodoss sequence at the end of the episodes that is great fun. (B)

  183. Revolutionary Girl Utena (TV): Story of a young tomboy's battle to protect another young girl, the Rose Bride. There are a lot of interesting references and concepts brought up in this anime, but the repetitive nature of the episodes drags down the flow. In particular, the Black Rose arc seemed to play almost no important role at all for the overall plot development. The music is great, but the sometimes the character designs and animation quality show their age. Still, it's an interesting anime if you keep an eye out for the subliminal messages. (A--)

  184. Revolutionary Girl Utena (Movie): Tells a story similar to the TV series, but in a much quicker fashion. In contract to the slow development in the series, the movie moves quickly - this does effectively get rid of the problem of excessive repetition. The movie gets considerably stranger than the series towards the end, but it's enjoyable. (A--)

  185. Rozen Maiden: The Rozen Maidens are 7 sister dolls who are destined to battle each other in the Alice Game in order to create the perfect maiden, Alice. I like the characters in this anime a lot (even Jum is funny sometimes), but in the end the comedy episodes are much more fun than the serious ones. (B+)

  186. Rozen Maiden: Traumend: Continuation of the first series - the remaining two dolls appear in this series. The Alice Game continues in this series, up to the final showdown in the final two episodes. (B+)

  187. Rozen Maiden: Ouverture: A short 2 episode special that tells the background story of Suigintou, particularly why she hates Shinku so much. Is thought to take place between episodes 6 and 8 of Traumend. (B+)

  188. Rurouni Kenshin (OVA): Tells the past of Kenshin: how he was brought up and how he finally got the cross-shaped scar on his cheek. In contrast to the TV series, this one is completely serious the entire way through. Very good animation and soundtrack. (A+)

  189. Rurouni Kenshin (TV): Starts off great - the story of a wandering samurai with a Sakabatou so that he won't kill anybody, who settles down at a dojo - but once it gets to the filler section for the last half of the series it is best to just quit. The plot of the fillers is boring as hell compared to what happens in the manga. Nice animation. (B+)

  190. Saishuu Heiki Kanojo: I gave this anime a chance, but I just didn't like it very much. The main character, Shuu, complains about how weak he is so much that it is just plain fucking annoying. There are also scenes in this anime that I thought were awfully retarded. The animation is very good though. Everyone interested should watch this anime to form their own opinion about it, but I can't really recommend it. (B-)

  191. Samurai Champloo: Series by the same people who made Cowboy Bebop, this one mixes samurai and hip-hop. Another great series, but I think that some episodes are much better than others; in fact, one of the episodes could quite possibly be my favorite anime episode. About a band of travelers who are searching for the Samurai who smells of Sunflowers. The action sequences are a real treat. (A)

  192. School Days: As an anime adapted from a computer game whose rise to fame was attributed to its brutal and violent BAD ENDs, this show does not fail to deliver. The finale was controversial enough to be taken off the air temporarily and was replaced with NICE BOAT. The overall animation and music quality of the show are pretty good, but the true reason to watch this show is the downward spiral to the bloody finish. Easily one of the most shocking and anticipated last episodes in a long time. (B++)

  193. School Days OVA - Magical Heart Kokoro-chan: An extremely strange 1-episode OVA featuring most of the female cast as power-ranger-type characters. The characters and art are essentially the same as in the original series. (B++)

  194. School Rumble: A self-proclaimed love comedy - very funny and with many very cute characters. This one is different in that the male characters actually have a personalities too; in fact, the anime is even more hilarious thanks to them. Very nice character design. (B+)

  195. School Rumble Semester 2: In some ways superior to the first session, in some ways inferior. This season tends to try and focus more attention on the side-characters at times, while at others ignores the side characters completely; this causes an inbalance in the quality of the episodes, as some are very good and some not so. Tougou from the first season goes from subpar to great in this series. (B)

  196. Scrapped Princess: Starts off as an anime about a princess who will bring about a calamity in a medieval setting, but develops into much more. Stick with this anime - I was about to quit at episode 3 but that is when the plot picked up and it got very interesting. Very good character design and the background art looks great too. (A)

  197. s-CRY-ed: Totally looney anime set in a somewhat futuristic setting whose only message seems to be "kick the shit outta everyone you can, no questions asked". Tells the story of Kazuma, who has a special ability and is one of the most violent characters I have ever seen. The anime also features the equally crazy MUJOU KYOUJI. Hilarious anime, but for all the wrong reasons. (B-)

  198. Seikai no Monshou: The start of a series of "Seikai" anime (based off of novels, I believe), this series follows a pair of soldiers caught in an intergalactic war. This first series focuses more on developing the relationship between the two main characters, Lafiel and Jinto. Though the character design is a little strange (notably the shape of the faces), I still like it. (A)

  199. Seikai no Senki: This part of the series focuses most of its time on a major battle of the war. Being somewhat of an armchair general I tended to like this series a lot. Good animation quality, etc, as in the previous series. (A+)

  200. Seikai no Senki II: This time it's about Jinto aiding a troubled prison planet. I don't like this series as much as the previous two, but it's still good. (A-)

  201. Seikai no Senki III: A short OVA that further develops the relationship between Lafiel and Jinto. Pretty good. (A)

  202. Shakugan no Shana: About a sword-wielding young girl who fights lots of fantasy-style enemies and her personal growth as she comes to grips with her relationship with Yuuji. Animation is pretty good, and the background story to this anime is very interesting - unfortunately, the latter half of the show tended to lag. This anime leaves some loose ends, as it is based on an ongoing short novel series. (B+)

  203. Shakugan no Shana-tan: Two short DVD special episodes where Shana is shrunk to about 4 inches tall and all the characters act psychotic (they act out their previous personality quirks, but to the extreme). (B+)

  204. Shakugan no Shana (Movie): A retelling of the first arc of the anime (Friagne), with different emphasis placed on scenes (the fighting, for example) and a few new things. An interesting movie with better animation than the TV series, but nothing really new. (B+)

  205. Shakugan no Shana Second: The second season of Shana starts out extremely slow - after episode 1, the remainder of the first half is used for poorly done and needless character development. The second half plays out better, and is more on par with the first season. (B)

  206. Shigofumi: Short 12 episode anime about a young girl who delivers letters from the recently deceased - very similar to Jigoku Shoujo in terms of themes covered. As such, about half of the episodes follow a predictable format while the other episodes are devoted to developing the main character Fumika. Nice soundtrack and character designs, but poorly constructed ending. (B+)

  207. Shingetsutan Tsukihime: I kind of liked this anime, but I haven't played the game which is supposed to be much better plot-wise. The character designs are unique and the music is pretty good, but the plot has lots of holes since there was just too much material for only 12 episodes. (B-)

  208. Shuffle!: Another harem anime, but better done than most as least in the latter half. The first 11 episodes are pretty much standard harem love comedy, while the following 6 episodes delve into the backgrounds of some of the characters. The last 7 episodes are where most of the interesting action and drama takes place, including infamous psycho Kaede. (B+)

  209. Simoun: Lesbian-powered helicopters. This anime had the elements of something that could have been so much more - an interesting backstory, setting and characters. Unfortunately, it tended to just run in circles with characterization episodes. It does get extra points for being different though. (B++)

  210. Spice and Wolf: Charming anime set in the middle ages which focuses on economics and a wolf goddess. The characters and their designs are great, though the plot can be confusing at times. Still, the relationship between the characters and the unique setting are a breath of fresh air. The show ends somewhat abruptly, but hopefully there will be a sequel. (A--)

  211. Strawberry Panic!: A playful and soap opera-y anime about lesbian couples at an all-girl campus of three schools. Very similar to Maria-sama ga Miteru, except there are no male characters AT ALL in this anime; not a single one from start to finish. The character designs are drawn too thin for my tastes, and most do not like the couples that are formed at the end. I also do not like them. (B-)

  212. Tales of Symphonia (OVA): Well-animated and orchestrated OAV based on the RPG that fails to deliver on plot - the series only animates the first third or so of the game, breaking off with an awkward ending after five episodes. Up to the end, the anime follows the game's plot sequence almost exactly. (B)

  213. Tenjho Tenge: Very similiar to Ikkitousen - about a bunch of fighting in a high school setting. However, the characterization in this series is considerably better even though I think it gets quite hokey at times. In addition, the end is very abrupt and I don't know if they plan on finishing up the anime. (B)

  214. Tenjho Tenge (OVA): Two OVA episodes that occur after the TV series, but these still don't bring closure. (B)

  215. Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar: Anime for a young child audience - about a snow fairy that tries to find kirameki with the help of her human friend. Very simple, but some parts are genuinely funny (mostly the parts with Greta). Cute character design. The ending is actually very good. (B)

  216. To Heart: An alright harem anime. Has a special charm to it that makes it okay. The character designs are good too. (B)

  217. Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo: A well-animated and light-hearted movie about a girl who can literally leap through time. While I think the movie is a little too hyped for its own good, it's still an interesting watch. (A--)

  218. Triangle Heart ~Sweet Songs Forever~: A 4 episode OVA about bodyguards that protect a targeted songstress, the results of which are hilarious. The hilarity stems mostly from the awful Engrish spoken, and the nature of the assassins sent after the songstress (includes a psychotic FFVII Cloud clone, and the forementioned Engrish Master). Fairly nice art, but overall the only real reasons to watch this anime are because it explains the backstory of Nanoha's family and the villains are great fun. (C+)

  219. Trigun: One of my first anime. Follows the story of a vagrant, Vash, as he travels a barren world and eventually confronts his past. The action sequences are pretty good, but the storyline is only okay. Still, it's a very fun anime. (B+)

  220. Tristia of the Deep Blue Sea: Cute characters, a somewhat interesting premise and an uninspired plot are what characterize this short 2 episode OVA. About a young inventor named Nanoca Flanka, this OVA showcases mecha fighting, cute girls and not much else. Essentially no character development. (B-)

  221. Tsukuyomi Moon Phase: Anime with a loli-vampire protagonist - some battle scenes and lots of comedy. Nice character design, but sometimes the action sequences are confusing cause they don't have any animation - just sounds and dialogue. In the last few episodes there is a lot of still image + dialogue crap. (B)

  222. Uchuu no Stellvia: A mix between love drama and space anime. While the science is totally absurd, the animation is pretty nice and this anime is a lot of fun to watch. The main characters have to train in order to defend the Earth from an oncoming wave of space debris that is destined to hit, so this is one space anime without a war. Later on, the main character Shima starts throwing a fit about some silly crap and is generally annoying, but I have to fault Kouta too for being one of the dumbest male characters ever. (B+)

  223. Utawarerumono: Lots of cute animal girls and medieval battles (the plot strongly resembles Braveheart in the first half). The plotline is pretty good and the art is pleasing as well. I've never played the game, but I might give it a try if I get the chance. (B++)

  224. Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust: Vampire Hunter D anime movie, but dubbed originally in English. Still, the voices aren't too bad and the animation is just stunning. The plot is okay, but nothing spectacular. (B+)

  225. Vandread: Space themed anime with males vs females. Somewhat interesting watch with ample doses of humor, but the space animation looks very awkward. (B-)

  226. Vandread: The Second Stage: Continuation of the first series - pretty much more of the same. (B-)

  227. Weiss Kreuz: About a group of male assassins who tend to save young women. This anime was made for a female audience, but it's okay as it's still enjoyable to watch. The animation is alright, but the plot starts crumbling towards the end. (B-)

  228. X (TV): Battle between two clans of people who are destined to fight - those who want to protect Earth the way it is, and those who want to return Earth "to its roots", so to speak. Interesting plot, and nice animation. A lot of talk about destiny and all that. (B+)

  229. Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito: Essentially about a search for the main character's older sister - the main character is a sword-wielding 14 year old girl. Note that these two have a "special" relationship. Very pretty character designs and some interesting scenes, but the overall plot is weak. (B)

  230. Zero no Tsukaima: A standard tsundere anime, but due to the reduced number of episodes this anime seems to flow better than Shakugan no Shana. Tells the story of a young spell-casting noble girl and her commoner familiar - Saito (the familiar) is much more interesting than Yuuji was. Animation and sound quality almost identical to Shakugan no Shana. (B+)

  231. Zero no Tsukaima: Futatsuki no Kishi: Continuation of the first series, which features more of the misadventures of Louise and Saito. Most of the original cast reappears, as well as some new characters. This series seemed more disjoint than the first, and the pacing was poor; a large part of the middle of the series focuses on one of the new characters, only to dump her almost completely after the arc finishes. Other than that, it's more of the same. (B-)

  232. Zero no Tsukaima: Princesse no Rondo: More of the same, with some new characters such as the busty Tiffania. It seems that some plot development with the real antagonist is in the works, but this is simply hinted at here. (B)

Anime Currently Watching

  1. Gundam 00 Second Season: ep1

Anime in Queue

  1. Hellsing Ultimate (OVA): ep5

  2. Noein: ep1

  3. Renkin 3-kyuu Magical Pokahn: ep1

  4. Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei: ep04

  5. Seirei no Moribito: ep1

Anime Watched Partly (Didn't stop necessarily because it was bad)

  1. Ah! My Goddess

  2. Bleach: ep80 - Reading the manga

  3. Busou Renkin: ep2

  4. Coyote Ragtime Show: ep2 - I stopped here because I heard this was the high-point of the series

  5. Doraemon

  6. Excel Saga: ep12?

  7. Fushigi Yuugi OVA

  8. Golgo 13: ep2

  9. Honey & Clover: ep10 - Preliminary Grade: B

  10. Inuyasha: Was reading the manga

  11. Itazura na Kiss: ep4

  12. Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Spiral Labyrinth (OVA): The poor quality subs make this difficult to watch

  13. Lucky Star: ep2

  14. Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro: ep3

  15. Maze

  16. Naikaku Kenryoku Hanzai Kyosei Torishimarikan Zaizen Jotaro: ep7 - A masterful anime, the quality of which is reflected in the length of the title. Da bomb!

  17. Naruto: Reading the manga

  18. Jigoku Sensei Nube: Read the manga

  19. One Piece: Reading the manga

  20. Serial Experiments Lain

  21. Seto no Hanayome: ep14

  22. Shuffle! Memories: Only watched ep12, as I heard this was the only completely new episode

  23. Skullman: ep8

  24. Slayers

  25. Vampire Princess Miyu (OVA)

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