Awful Fantasy - An awful spoof of a classic game, Awful Fantasy was the perfect excuse to play FFVI again. Not having to read the same damn dialogue for the nth time allowed me to enjoy the game "anew" once again, and the character tweaks made the game "feel" different at times. I liked the original dialogue, but any story gets old after awhile. The new dialogue is amusing (and crude to the extreme) and I found it to be an interesting diversion.

The version I have attached here is the same as the original except for 3 changes I implemented:

  1. Fragmaster, the most *'ed up Optional Boss ever, does NOT have Life3 now
  2. The Dinosaur Forest in the World of Ruin has the "dinosaurs" again, for optional level up purposes
  3. TCC was changed back to Dispel, for the most part. TCC kept freezing the game on me and/or other crazy shit would happen
If you want the original version, you can download it at

Here's my slightly modified version.

And here are some save files for Awful Fantasy. They are scattered at various points in the game, including one as I beat Fragmaster.

One way to beat Fragmaster: Using the MBlock% bug, you can make your character(s) almost untouchable. However, Fragmaster Runics everything you cast, and he has a high defense. How do you hurt him? Use spells that are cast when an enchanted weapon hits Fragmaster! Using the Rusty Knife (Illumina) and the Pearl spell it casts can take down Fragmaster's 60000 HP fairly quickly. Beating him nets you another BANHAMMER (Ragnarok), which means an infinite supply of Illuminas.