These links will teach you
the ways of the wise.
Learn the Sasuke Ninjutsu!

This site is that of my master, the venerable Tatewaki Kunou!
Has fanart, Guilty Gear FAQs, Mugen and Melty Blood information, etc.

This site has an interesting video game sprite gallery.
SNES sprite rips and more.

Fighting Game Databases:

Tsukihime Information Pages:

Proof that too much science is a bad thing.

Some CG Websites that my scouting has revealed.... (WARNING: HENTAI!)

Hentai Paradize: Features MANY Hentai Game CGs. Very nice site.

Master Bloodfer's Site - Has many doujins

Final Fantasy Images
Lesbian Hentai Image Board

Disgaea Hentai - Etna