My Father
My   father was born in a village called Dadugal, near Kegall I think. He was the   4th of a family of seven. He graduated from University of Peradeniya   obtaining a Bachelors Degree in Science. His father was a head master,   and his mother was a teacher too, who is still living, but quite old and very   week.

He stared his currier as a teacher, working in a school in Matale. Then he   resigned from teaching and joined Bandaranayak International Air Port, as a   Air Traffic Controller in 1977 I think. Since at that time the security was   not tight, I used to go with him to the Air Port during his day shifts. It   was lots of fun to see the plains from the control tower. Then he resigned   and left the country to Nigeria, to work as a teacher.
My Mother
My   mother was born in a village called Kudawawa, near Chilaw, close to where we   are living now. She was also the 4th of a family of six. She too was graduated from University of Peradeniya obtaining a Bachelors Degree   in Art. Her father was a head of the village, and her mother was as usually a   house wife.

She too stared his currier as a teacher, working in a school near Chilaw,   after getting married. She never changed her curried as my father did. She is   now teaching in a school close to my home, and almost in the age of retiring.  

I could say she was the backbone to my successes and achievement in my life   up to now. She was there all the time for me with love and guidance. With out   her I never would have reached or achieved these goals in my life.
My Brother
He is Danushka Bandara, about 11 year younger to me. He   is has lost of talents in the field of Painting and Music and likes Natural   Sciences than Technology. Presently he is preparing for the GCE (A/L).

He is a nice guy, playfully and happy all the time. Keeps   the house lively all the time by making jokes. And always there to help me. I   am glad to have him as my brother.