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Angel 7 months old

Me as Neo 1!



Here you can read a little about me!

Full name: Nir Ainbinder
Date of birth: August 21st 1985
Age: 18.6
Place of birth: Israel
Occupation: An inspiring comic artist but in the
mean while I flip burgers at Mcdonalds …
Background: I have been practicing my craft
seriously for about two to three years…
and after the army I hope to find a job as a penciler or a colorer in a major comic company (Marvel, Dc etc…).
I improved my skills mostly by using reference materials
And by asking great artist (such as Nar, and Ronald Barba etc…)
For advice…
I can only tell you one thing…I know what I want to be…
The best there is at what I do!!! ^_^

Merch 3rd 2003

as i said...i have an amazing girlfriend...
and boys...she's a dancer! *taking out buckets
for the drool* :)
any way i wont go on boring you to death...
i'll just say this...she's amazing! and i hope
this will go on and on and on...even after
the energizer bunny stops :) your right is a photo...enjoy...
and please clean the floor after ;)

June 24th, 2003

Like I said I have a new puppy!
Her name is Angel and she is a husky mix.
Click on the pic to your right to see the large pic.
Anyway she's about 3-4 months old and she's the
cutest thing in the world…after my girlfriend...

July 19th 2003

As you can see I've updated my site…
I also have a new super computer, I won't bore you with details but I'll just say that there isn’t a game I can't load…:)
Next month I will have my five month anniversary with my girlfriend!!!
And anji my puppy is still here and healthy!

July 22nd, 2003

A couple of months ago we had a holiday named Purim…it is like hollowing…
And every year we had a party at our school some dressed up some not…it is my tradition to make out a cool costume each year…here are a couple of my old costumes…:jet pilot(with real pilot suit thanks to my cousin), fbi agent with a fbi jacket and cap etc… and my favorite…Austin Powers!!! If only I had a picture cause I looked just like him!!! I also had a brave heart costume last year…
Anyways this year I dressed up as neo with air pistols in every place I can put them it looked great! I finally got the pic...and i did a little editing to it...cheack it out!!!

February 9th, 2004

It's been awhile since my last update…
Ok, me and my girlfriend are still together :) ,
Next month is our one year anniversary!
Next month I will join the IDF (Israel Defense Force) or in other words the army…
Umm…nothing much to tell right now it seems that every thing is just peachyn :)