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1) ca. 1567: for flute and guitar. A neo-baroque sonata de chiesa. Basically, the movements are a French Overture, Fugue with instrumental solos, "Aria" with ritornello, and Jig. All movements are binded by a central motive based on the 1st, 5th, 6th, and 7th scale degrees -hence the name. The first two movements actually combine to form a large scale "Scarlatti" sonata. This piece is fairly difficult. Notes, parts, and score.

2) Studies in Scatological Malfeasance. Two 19th century-esque solo guitar pieces written for my friend Dr. James Buckland. Written under the pseudonym "Jonathan Swifter".


1) Rasgueados Are for Everyone. A comprehensive, in-depth book devoted entirely to rasgueado technique. 50 pages. You can download the PDF version for free from the Internet Archive at archive.org. I had to remove the download from this GeoCities site because of bandwidth limitations which were shutting down the site.