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Please let me know of any good arts-medicine links. Any links on this site that are of a commercial variety are shared links.

Arts Medicine/General Music Links:

Musicians and Injuries: http://eeshop.unl.edu/music.html

Danish sitting researcher A.C. Mandal: http://www.acmandal.com/
*** I strongly encourage you to visit Dr. Mandal's site, as he is a primary source of reference for my article and for Dr. Richard Norris' seating ideas in The Musician's Survival Guide. [ICSOM(1993)]. Serious guitarists may wish to aquire Dr. Mandal's book The Seated Man [Dafnia Press(1987)] through inter-library loan. I have had, as of June 2002, sme valuable and interesting email correspondence with him and I would like to, in my own small way, help him to gain the recognition that he deserves. Were it not for Dr. Mandal's research, I would not have been able to play the guitar after my own problems with back pain.

About Seats and Sitting for Cellists and Other Musicians: http://home.earthlink.net/~vsazer/seating.html

The Texas Cultural & Arts Network: http://www.arts.state.tx.us/health/links.asp?pi=124

Institute of Physiology and Medicine of Art (Spain): http://www.institutart.com/

Guitar Links:

Guitar Foundation of America: http://www.guitarfoundation.org/

WorldGuitarist.com: http://worldguitarist.com/

Editions Orphee Home Page: http://www.orphee.com/

Perso Flamenco: http://perso.flamenco.free.fr/

The Guitar School: http://www.eythorsson.com/
*** Free sheet music.

Gamut Strings: http://www.gamutstrings.com/store/
*** The most awesome bass strings I've ever played (gut core).