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This is the English language compilation for my In-Verse Guitar Project. I might add lists for major poets in other languages as time allows. I make no claims that this list is complete, exhaustive, etc. I have not edited it in any way except that I have excluded from this list dramatic works not intended for stage performance (the Stanford Database includes these types of works). I'll be adding to it when I find new databases. I might even go back at at some point and list the actual line pertaining to the guitar as well.

You can read the poems by clicking on the hyperlinks (I suggest right-clicking and choosing "Open Link in New Window"). You will usually have to do a word search for the word guitar or "guitar" . This will then provide you with a listing of poems that contain a reference to the instrument. By clicking on the appropriate links, you can then read the poem. Better yet, just search by title and surround it with quotation marks.

If you know of any more databases, please email me, Nitin Arora, at "nitaro74 (at) gmail (dot) com"

*Update: 7/2005: Please note that the Stanford databases now require login information. I don't know why this has been changed. It was an invaluable resource, now restricted to Stanford students and faculty, etc. You can always do a Google search for any poem using the author and title. Most likely, it's out there somewhere in cyberspace for you to read.