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This is a listing of all the available guitar supports I know of. Please let me know of any more supports (other than footstools or standard straps: they are easy to find), their web sites, objective reviews, and where they can be purchased.

In alphabetical order:

A-Frame: Made in USA. Suction cup based. Plastic/Velcro/Cloth.

Arm-n-Track: Made in England? Suction cup based. Wood or plastic models. http://www.carman.clara.net/

Dynarette: Made in Sweden. Cushion. 2 sizes available. http://www.vamu.se/
***I recommend trying these first. I think they are the least cumbersome and the most stable.

Efel: Made in Czech Republic. endorsed by Stephen Rak. Suction cup based. Plastic. http://www.efelmusic.com/

Ergoplay: Made in Germany. Suction cup based. Metal. http://www.ergoplay.de/

Gitano: Made in Germany? Suction cup based. Metal? http://www.american-guitar-center.de/seiten/gitano.html

Gracie Guitar Stands: Made in USA. Metal guitar stand. http://www.graciestands.com/

Litchfield Guitar Support: Made in Australia. Suction cup based. Wood. http://www.litchfieldguitars.com/

Neck Up: Made in USA. Suction cup based. Leather. http://www.neckup.com

Ponticello: Made in Germany. Suction cup based. Wood. http://www.ponticello.de/

Slider Straps: Made in USA. Ergonomic Straps. http://www.slider-straps.com/STR/guitar.html

Tukeva: Made in Finland. Suction cup based. Wood. http://www.musiikkitoteemi.fi/en/index.php?p=productMore&iProduct=19

Stores by country:
*YOU assume the potential for risk for any purchases you make through these sites.

USA- Guitar Solo: A-Frame, Dynarette, Efel. http://www.gspguitar.com/

USA- Los Angeles Classical Guitars: Dynarette, right hand/left hand/child models of the Ergoplay ("Ergonomic Guitar Support"). http://www.lacg.net/

USA- Maple Street Guitars: A-Frame, Dynarette, Efel ("GHS Guitar Support"). http://www.maplestreetgtrs.com/

England- Guitarnotes: Dynarette, Ergoplay, Gitano. http://www.guitarnotes.co.uk/

England- Staffordguitar.com: Arm-n-Track, Efel, Ergoplay. http://www.staffordguitar.com/

Germany- Thomann Cyberstore: Ergoplay. http://www.netzmarkt.de/thomann/tho0000.html

Italy- La Stanza della Musica: Efel, Ergoplay, Gitano. http://www.lastanzadellamusica.it/