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The most important trip you may ever take in life is meeting people halfway!
(Quote-Henry Boye)


UPDATE-6/18/2003 Well I took the plunge and got a 96 goldwing aspencade trike, what a beauty!

Copyright 2000, 2001 R.T. Brandon
Here are some of my experiences, sharing motorcycle solo trip adventures.

I am a retired nurse, 67 yrs of age, have been in the medical field for many years.
I have recently retired from the civil service commission at the U. S. Army Aeromedical Center, Ft. Rucker, Al, with over 26 yrs of nursing service/immunizations/allergy specialist. My hobby, which is solo motorcycling across the back roads of America.
Come join me in my world of motorcycling.

I have been riding for approx. 40 years, and have been taking solo trips for 35 years, as far west as Colorado, North to Maine, and on into Nova Scotia, and all over the back roads of the eastern U.S. Have met very nice people along the way, and some surprised to see a woman on a motorcycle all by herself.

The time solo, is very therapeutic for me and rejuvenates my spirits, helps me be a better person.

Music has always been a very active part in my life, and is soothing to a weary soul and stressful mind. I have reference sites for you to explore in the world of nursing, music and motorcycling for your enjoymemt.

Nursing was my world, tho We nurses have our moments, it is a very rewarding part in our lives.
With always a caring heart and love for mankind, the rewards received are wonderful and lasting. Since retiring from my nursing career, I spent most of my time helping and campaigning for "children imprisoned" and juvenile law reform.

SOLO RUNS: Sooooo, to assist me in keeping my sanity, ha, I ride motorcycles, and love it. A wonderful way to work off stress, just get away for a while. My hubby taught me how to ride years ago, starting off with a 175 cc honda, then a 350 cc and a couple 200cc, a 450cc, a 94 honda shadow vlx 600 cc, before I got my present motorcycle, a 98 honda shadow ace tourer, so I have been on my own for years, riding solo on the back roads of America, logging each year approx 4000-6000 miles. Have been as far west as Colorado Springs, Colorado,up in to the Central North states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Canada, Nova Scotia, and all in the New England states, We indeed do have an "America the Beautiful."I have been so very fortunate on all my solo trips, in that, I have not had an problems, other than the usual to expect when riding a motorcycle. Everyone has been very kind to me, some in awe, that I ride solo. So hopefully, I am off again this year Aug'2000, to travel those back roads once again, into many different routes than before, and once again discover more and more of this beautiful land, we call and can be proud of-AMERICA!!!!!! Have met many of my motor buddies on my yearly trips, and had a wonderful visit with each of them, it is like having one large family, they are the greatest!!!!!!!

AUGUST~2000~Bike trip for this year was riding my way up to Montana and surrounding areas, the scenery was awesome, worked my way back across the states to the east coast and then south toward home, met a few buddies along the way. WHAT THERAPY, LOL!! Looking forward to riding the back roads once again in 2001!!

AUGUST 2001-Bike trips gets better each year, more and more beautiful back roads to explore, headed out up Terra Haute, Ind, to Princeton, Ill, to Neosho, Mo, and back east and north to Ohio, thru New York, visiting buddies along the way, venturing into Vermont and New Hampshire, meeting buddies there for the first time, scenery is absolutely awesome. Therapy indeed, the back roads riding is definitely what riding is all about, again, the wind in my face, and beautiful rides, again, planning for a trip up into Canada, exploring more beautiful back roads.

May/August 2002-In May riding along to visit buddies along the way, wound up in Tionesta, Pa, staying longer than anticipated due to a cold front, my buddy was kind enough to tow my bike 400 miles to Media,Pa, for a child abuse awareness rally, I had previously scheduled. We were going to ride together, but the unexpected cold front really put a damper on riding the bikes. In August,was better weather conditions, visiting about 8 more buddies for the first time, some of them not bikers, but buddies just the same. First headed out toward Ind, then Ohio, up into Mich, back down to Ft Wayne, Ind, over into Ohio, up to Pa, across over into Ny to visit a few buddies, back down toward Pa, Va, and onward toward home again. It was an awesome trip, love riding those back roads, such beautiful country. Looking forward to next year's trip to include participating in the National Women's motorcycle foundation breast cancer research rally to kick off in July 2003.

August 2003-Well gang, left August 1 and returned home Sept 5th, was an awesome trip, the weather and temps were fantastic this year. Rode my trike up into Ohio, then Ill, on to Mn and back to Ill back east thru Oh,Ind, Pa, W. Va, Va, N.C, S.C then on toward home, visiting buddies along the way, meeting some of them I have not met before who are members of shadow riders usa msn community group.Logged around 6300 miles.Thanks to my buddies for their kindness and warm hospitality. Was a fabulous trip and looking forward to many more.

May/Aug~2004-In May I headed out on my goldwing trike, to Mishawaka, Ind, for an abuse awareness was awesome, staying with my buddy a couple of weeks...Aug--Left at 3 a.m. July 31-headed out for a month long solo trip, riding those back country roads once again, and meeting up with some buddies for the first time, heading over Paducah, Ky way for the weekend, then on to Steator Ill, for a day or so...temps are nice, weather is good, and the wind in my face, what therapy indeed. Traveled on up to Princeton, Ill to visit a buddy for about a week, we took off to shop around in Galena, Ill...headed out east to Ashland and Medina, Ohio, to meet a young man 13, who is a child abuse advocate and has his own site for abused and troubled teens, such a sweet boy. On up toward Waterloo, NY for a few days to visit my ole stand by buddy and friend Snidybaby, and wife, Betty Boop, lol, what wonderful folks...headed up the road to visit a shadow buddy in Hastings, NY.. then making my way up and over to Littleton, NH for a couple of days, beautiful country indeed, my buddy and I take off for a few hours, she wanted to show me the great basin, wow, indeed, how awesome. Well then, had to start heading south toward home, stopping off to visit a couple more buddies in Williamsburg, Va, Weather was good when I left, but getting caught in a lot of rains in the Carolinas, but finally home around 4 Sept... Logging around 5,050 miles total... the trike purred like a new born kitten, lucky not to have any mechanial problems at all. Called hubby once a week, to let him know I am fine...Thinking of heading far west next year's trip but just dreaming for now.

June/Aug/2005~No particular place or person to visit or hang out with, just riding the back roads again, and discovering new back roads, and such beautiful country, try to connect with bikerbuddies/friends as I can along the way.Attended a Peter Love concert for THE SAVE OUR CHILDREN FOUNDATION, in Aberdeen, Ms. Ya gotta check out Mr. Peter Love's music, website, Peter Love Love heading north, so different from the flat lands of the southern countrysides. Always head toward Williamsburg, Va, to visit dear friends there for a few days, then mossie down thru the Carolinas, what beautiful country there, then finally winding down toward home. Venturing, and dreaming of next yr's trip, to once again, those back roads of America. Logged approx 5500 miles this year, Yippeee!!

Aug~2006~Headed out on back roads once again toward Ozark, Mo to visit with friends of my child justice org, KIDSINCOURT.NET, what a wonderful weekend, visiting and meeting those I had never meet,such an inspirational visit indeed. Headed east toward Pa to visit a child there, then on over to my buddy's in Williamsburg, Va. again for about a week....This year's heat was a real sizzler, having to get up around 2am and ride until about 10am, after that, it was impossible to ride any longer, due to the extreme heat. Once again heading southward, riding thru the beautiful states of N. and S. Carolina, winding down toward home....Was a great, wonderful trip on those awesome back roads of America.... Logged approx. 5000 miles this go around. Am excited and looking forward to next yr's trip, again to those back roads not yet discovered and the beauty that awaits.......

2007, 2008 TRIPS COMING UP....sorry am so behind, but will update soon!

All of my friends and motorbuddies are very special in my life, this is a pic of ICONJIM(L) AND VIKING(R)

Viking left us July 23,1998, We all hold him in our hearts always.

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I guess I am still just a kid at heart,ha ha, for I love Betty Boop pictures of all descriptions, Take a look at the site below.

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