Returning to school after being out for seven years is a daunting and scary task!

Follow along with me as I detail my search for knowledge and guidance
at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.

I returned to graduate school in the fall of 2000 for my Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction.

My interest lies in (1) social studies, especially economics (at the moment),
and (2) secondary curriculum. I want to write an all-encompassing curriculum
for economics, especially personal economics, that can be used by teachers from
1st grade to 12th grade. This curriculum will pull together personal, macro-, and
micro-economics. I also plan on writing (someday) a user-friendly parents
handbook, to go along with the curriculum.

Now, I know, this is an incredibly large undertaking. I realize that this will take
years, but it really interests me and I think that it is terribly important in this day
and age. Our students are leaving high school with little or no economic
knowledge - not even knowing how to balance a checkbook or shop for

Our young people are being cornered in our colleges and universities into credit
cards they don't need, don't understand, and can't afford! This is my goal: to
make a few informed consumers. :)

Another big interest of mine, especially after I started my Fall 2000 classes, is teacher education. My professor for my Curriculum class (who is also my graduate advisor) really piqued my interest regarding how teachers are educated and prepared for classrooms. Of huge interest to me is the whole "progressive versus traditional" debate, which I was honestly never informed of as an undergraduate! I didn't even know there was an option! As we discussed the two philosophies in class, I became really annoyed by the fact that I was left out of an entire philosophy of teaching. My paper for that class was to take a look at the two, as well as proponents for each, and a proposal for a longer research study regarding "real life" teachers. I'll post it as I get more time! This may turn into a new road for me, leading towards a different thesis (other than or in addition to economic education).

I got my official acceptance letter on January 31, 2000.

My first meeting with the program director went well (2/9/2000). Take a look!

I also chose my advisor in February!

Some things changed in the Summer of 2000

Fall 2000 classes

Spring 2001 classes

Fall 2001 classes

Spring 2002 classes

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Eventually, this site will include:
*my grad school application essay (this really explains my goals well)
*books for preparation
*the course of my curriculum goal
*general education links and thoughts

But for now, this is all I have! :) Please come back soon to see how it goes!

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