Winner Versus Loser

A winner says, "Let's find out." A loser says, "Nobody knows."

*When a winner makes a mistake he says, "I was wrong and I am sorry." When a loser makes a mistake, he says, "It wasn't my fault."

*When a winner is confronted with a difficult situation, he works through it. When a loser is confronted with a problem, he sits down and whines.

*A winner makes commitments and carries them through. A loser makes promises and never produces.

*A winner says, "I'm good; but not as good as I ought to be." A loser says, "I'm not as bad as a lot of other people."

*A winner tires to learn from those who are superior to him. A loser tries to tear down and belittle those to whom he feels inferior.

*A winner says, "There ought to be a better way to do it." A loser says, "That's the way it's always been done here."
Try not to over analyze things.  Some times you just need to go with the flow.  But you better think about it!
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