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Battle Hymn of 2nd NJ
Alternate verses to songs were often written by soldiers during the Civil War. Some of the members of our Re-enacting unit wrote alternate verses to the "Battle Hymn of the Republic". Please note that these lyrics are not from the original unit, just our way of attempting to replicate what has been done historically and may have been done by soldiers in the 2nd NJ.

The Feu d'enfer
A brief lesson in the Napoleonic tactic of the Fue d'enfer and Lee's use of it at Gettysburg in Pickett's Charge. Written by the 2nd New Jersey's own Dave White.

Marching Home
Article from the Courier News of New Jersey on Walt Barger and re-enacting as it appeared in the December 3, 2003 issue. Reprinted with permission of the Courier News.

The Battle of Crampton's Pass
The 2nd New Jersey, along with the rest of the 1st New Jersey Brigade, achieved a major victory clearing one of the passes in South Mountain to allow the Army of the Potomac to reach Antietam.

The Battle of Cedar Creek
The Sixth Corps of the Army of the Potomac, attached to the Army of the Shenendoah, wards off a final attempt by Confederate General Early to defeat Union General Sheridan.

Memorial Day?
Article on the events of one of our members on Memorial Day 2003.

After Action Reports from Re-enactments
Neshaminy 2003

2nd Regt N.J. Vol. Inf.
Company Street

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