Hilarious New Jersey Lottery Tickets, FUNNY GAG JOKES
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Fake New Jersey Lotto Tickets Are The Funniest Gag Jokes on Earth!
Hilarious New Jersey Lottery Tickets

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Hysterically funny to watch as someone scratches
and thinks they just hit the jackpot!

Each ticket appears to win $20,000 or more!

These are great to give to someone
mixed in with real NJ lotto tickets!

They will have no clue what hit them!

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They Look Just Like Real Scratchers Tickets!

These New Jersey lottery tickets are the best joke around to do on people. They work just like any other lotto ticket, just scratch off the section and Holy Sh_t_ I won!! "So the person thinks they did" All tickets are set up to be winners ranging in value of $10,000 to $50,000 dollars! These lottery tickets are the same size as any regular lotto ticket & look just like the real thing. Said to say but, I had my mother cry in joy one time thinking she won $50,000 dollars only to tell her later that it was a joke! Just think how many times you can use these tickets. GREAT to put a fake in with a birthday card!!!!

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You will laugh your ass off with this funny prank!

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