Frequently (or at least occasionally) Asked Questions
1. How do I join or get involved?
     Joining is just a matter of being on the e-mail list. If you are interested, just send your name and e-mail address to You then will receive meeting announcements and directions, and other guitar related messages. That is it. No dues. There is no formal organizational structure. Anything we do happens only because someone has volunteered to do it. If you think we should be doing something else, you can volunteer to do it.
2. What happens at meetings?
     We just socialize and take turns playing. The host provides light snacks and other members occasionally contribute something to eat or drink.

3. Are there any requirements for performers or performances?
Only courtesy and common sense. Some of our members are quite advanced, but anyone is welcome to play regardless of ability. We try to maintain some connection with classical or flamenco guitar for the most part, but other styles of music, as well a vocals and other instruments compatible with classical guitar, are welcome. Usually, everyone has an adequate opportunity to play within a three hour meeting without restricting the length of performances. But if you would like to play something really long, please let us know in advance and we will try to schedule a special time for you after everyone else has finished.

4. Can I come to meetings if I do not play?
      Sure, anyone is welcome to just listen. Space is limited, however, so please contact us in advance to make sure there is enough room if you are planning on bringing more people than can fit in one standard-sized car.

. Will you feature me in your concert series?
     No, sorry, we do not have a concert series. Occasionally someone has pulled a concert together on an ad hoc basis, but we do not have anyone volunteering to organize concerts at this time. It might be fun if someone stepped forward to do that, though.

6. Can you help publicize what I am doing?
      Sure, just send your guitar related announcements to in a format that is suitable for forwarding to the membership without substantial editing and we willl do so. If you have a concert or other event in or near New Jersey, we may also include it in the Upcoming Events listing on our web site. Aside from concerts, we usually do not forward commercial messages, but if you have an interesting web site we can link to it on our Guitar Links page.