Aurora Hop-Up Parts



AUR 8362

Aluminum wheels flanged (look like original T-jet wheels) 4 -ltd supply

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MM 001

Aluminum wheels Tuff ones size thread on fronts+rears w/axles+tires



Aluminum wheels like MM001 but anodized gold



Aluminum wheels like MM001 but anodized purple



Aluminum wheels like MM001 but anodized blue



Aluminum wheels like MM001 but anodized red



Aluminum wheels like MM001 but anodized green


NJN 001

soft low profile silicone slicks to fit original t-jet hubs or Aur8362 pr (specify black or white )




THU 001

harder ribbed (to look like original t-jet) silicone tires -Thunderslicks pr (black only)




THU 002

Like Thu 001 but white walls set of four only


THU 003

Like Thu 001 but red wall (red line) set of four only


THU 004

Like Thu 001 but blue walls set of four only


NJN 005

soft silicone slicks made to fit tuff ones hubs or MM series wheels in pairs ( black only)


NJN 100

Tuff ones sized rear wheels cast in solid colors resin pair


NJN 101

t-jet sized wheel cast in solid color resin - match NJN100 pair



Tuff ones sized rear wheels cast in resin and chromed pair



AUR 8613F

Magnatraction 5 spoke front wheel (can be reamed out to fit t-jet axle


AUR 8613R

Magnatraction 5 spoke rear wheel (pair) can be used with a t-jet rear truck axle


AUR 377

Thunderjet truck axle (longer axle for larger wheels) one


FR 54

Brass independent front end set to maximium legal width great handling and appearance.

 NJN 006

No tear Tuff Ones tires - Rear (Black only)



JW C01 T-Jet Performance Pack - Comes complete with two sets of front competition JW hubs, hollow axles, front tires, rear double flanged hubs, rear silicones, guide pin, and two shallow head screws. The front competition JW hubs are designed to keep the front of your car planted to the track, and trued tires add to the overall smoothness and balance. The rear hubs are double flanged to keep racing silicones firmly  set on the wheels, while the shallow screws and hollow axles increase clearance and reduce speed robbing weight. A great way to sample many effective racing products. $14.95
JW F03B Wide Independent Brass Front End - A heavy front end system designed to keep your T-jet planted to the track. comes complete with trued tires for added smoothness. $6.00
JW W08AT .250 Wide Aluminum Double Flanged Threaded Wheels- Wheels are designed to keep your silicone tires firmly attached to the rear end, not allowing for power robbing slippage. $2.95
NOTE: We stock the entire line of JW speed parts, please inquire as to availability 



AUR 8335

Speedwound armature - original Aurora speed part about 1 ohm less than stock mounted on a gear plate with pinion gear

 Out of Stock

AUR 8701

Mean Green armature. Green tips with green or gold wire ohm out at 5.4-6.5 OHMS (work great with original super 2 magnets



Monster Motor- Balanced Mean green. This is the same armature as 8701 but it has been checked electrically, balanced with heat resistant epoxy and the commutator has been polished.



Monster Motor - "Original" Quadralam - This motor is an electrical copy of the famous Super 2 quadralam motor. Double wound with our laminations, this motor exceeds the specs of the original by having a silver commutator, 15 degrees advanced timing and is epoxy balanced.



Monster Motor - Gray Ghost - This is a single wind 37 on two laminations. Wound to 3.5-4.0 ohms various timing is available from 15 degrees advanced to 15 degrees retarded in 5 degree increments. Retarded timing is best for small twisty tracks and advanced is best for long straight tracks or drag racing. Super 2 magnets are recommended, for long straight tracks or drag racing. Super 2 magnets are recommended.



Monster Motor - Road Rocket - This is a single would 5.5 ohm motor with retarded timing for the short twisty road course with a few good (8-10') straights. Will work on home courses with one power pack per lane and super 2 magnets.



Monster Motor- Red Hot - This is Double wound (for both torque and top end), to approx 1.5+ ohms, advanced timing for drag racing. Retarded timing motors available on special order (3/4 weeks) and Super 2 or polymer cobalt magnets are recommended as is a 7-10 amp power source!



Monster Motor - Blue Dust - This double wound to 1.5 ohms or less this is a great drag motor with advanced timing and all the other goodies. Again better magnets and a high amp power source are recommended.



Hop up armature mounted on gear plate standard pinion, 6-7 ohms this is the type of armature found in the Wild Ones series

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Wild Ones armature magnets - pair somewhat stronger than stock


AUR 531

Super 2 fully oriented magnets - Originally made for the famous Aurora Super 2 car these are a perfect fit in a t-jet and are the strongest ceramic magnets available. Pair

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Polymer cobalt magnets made in the present for cars from the past





NJN 201

Handling pan - Stainless steel pan fits under the t-jet chassis lowering the center of gravity and improving performance. Recommended for cars with hop ups to keep them in the slot. Comes with two flush fitting screws. Spacer required and not included (a t-jet rim works perfectly)

NJN 202 Long black guide pin. Works with MM track. $1.00




Redesigned pick up shoes for the t-jet with increased track contact pr






Same as 502 but silver plated pair



Same as 502 but gold plated pair



High copper content commutator brushes made new today. 10 Pair of  brushes.

1 pair ($1.79)


AUR 339

Silver commutator brushes from the original Aurora pair

Please Call



AUR 180

Tuff ones crown gear respaces crown gear on axle to use pinions below


AUR 180P-14

14 tooth pinion gear


AUR 180P-12

12 tooth pinion gear (hop up gear)



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